How To Prepare for a Sewage Smoke Test in Your Area

If you are ever notified that a sewage smoke test is going to be conducted in your neighborhood, you may be left with a lot of questions. Smoke tests, after all, are something many homeowners never encounter. Learn more about this simple maintenance trick and what to do when your area is affected.

Understand Its Purpose

plumbing smoke test serves an important role in protecting and maintaining public drainage pipes. Technicians release different kinds of smoke inside sewage pipes to determine whether there are any leaks in that segment of the line. A leak is easy to spot because the smoke will exit and rise into the air from that location. The information these technicians gain from the tests allows them to repair leaky areas so groundwater cannot make its way into the sewage lines. This helps prevent the sewage system from being overloaded with fluid.

Limit Exposure To Smoke

Although the smoke used for these tests is not considered to be hazardous, it is a good idea to reduce your exposure as much as possible. One thing you can do to avoid letting smoke into your house is run water down each of your drains. Additionally, be sure to close all your windows and any other entrypoints.

Adhere To Regulations

Smoke tests sometimes reveal that homeowners have established illegal connections to their sewage line. Sump pumps and down spouts, for instance, cannot be drained into the public lines. Make sure your home complies with these regulations to avoid facing any consequences should a test occur in your neighborhood. 

While smoke tests and sewage line repairs may be a pain, they are necessary to keep up your city’s sewage system. This way, you can go on using and draining water as normal without worrying about backups or other issues.


3 Tips for Writing Business Emails

Good communication is vital to the success of any business. Whether you are corresponding with customers, vendors or employees, you want to interact professionally. When you work with people in different locations and time zones, email is the best option for remote communication. Here are three tips for writing good emails for your business. 

1. Consider Who You Are Emailing

The easiest way to use email is to have frequent contact information stored with your email provider. This address book makes it easy to locate the person’s contact information and quickly send your email. However, when you send an email to a group, you need to consider a few things. Are you communicating with a team of employees? Create a group email list to make it easy to send a message to everyone on that team. If you send a bulk email to your vendors, you need to consider keeping contact information confidential. The best way to do this is to create a blind group or add each email to the BCC of the address bar. 

2. Provide the Subject

Every email has the option to fill in the subject line. Sometimes this is the only information that shows up on people’s cell phone or computer notifications. Make sure you don’t leave this out, as this is the best way to get someone’s attention. If this is an urgent matter, make sure to display that in the subject line. 

3. Make Your Message Clear 

People are always busy and don’t want to spend their time reading through the unnecessary text to figure out the importance of your message. Provide a clear explanation for your email and keep it as short as possible. Make sure to mention if you have included attachments, as sometimes those get overlooked.

Email is a great way to communicate with groups of people and customers in different locations. These tips help make sending emails an efficient way to interact with all your business contacts professionally. 

How to Make Money From Easy Feedback

The consequence of globalization in the world is the reduction in the use of physical goods from various sectors. Namely, data transfer, payment systems, sending regions that send messages, and other areas. That caused by the influence of the flow of globalization. After several revolutions occurred, there are pros and cons regarding the response of this phenomenon. Now doing things can be done without having to meet face to face. Enough with the touch of a finger, you can do anything. That is the phenomenon of modernization which has now felt.

The impact of globalization occurs in the economic sector that involves companies and consumers. This relationship made good so that the economy can run stable and develop. In the middle of 2015, a safe and effective feedback platform between consumers and companies emerged. This feature can be utilized by consumers who want to contribute to the company’s progress. The intended contribution is related to criticism and suggestions for a product issued by the company. This is undoubtedly very beneficial for companies to advance product quality according to consumer needs.

The impact of globalization occurs in the economic sector that involves companies and consumers. This relationship made right so that the economy can run stable and develop. In mid-2015, a secure and effective feedback platform between consumers and companies emerged. This feedback will greatly assist the company in improving quality. The company’s progress depends on customer feedback.

This feedback feature can be utilized by consumers who want to contribute to the progress of the company. The intended contribution is related to criticism and suggestions for the products issued by the company. This is undoubtedly very beneficial for companies to advance product quality following consumer needs.

How to Make Money From Easy Feedback

Four steps can be taken to get money on easy feedback, namely:


For consumers, there is a solution from easy feedback, namely This platform allows consumers to send feedback without having to search for consumer service channels and without registering. Consumers need to fill in the form provided to send feedback to the company. The feedback that is personally approved and directly approved by the company. By using this platform, consumers can receive prizes in the form of EFT tokens that are tailored to the quality of feedback. This is the starting gate to get money.

  1. Easy Feedback Pro

This product is present as a solution for companies that provide customer feedback services. The company uses this product to find out active customers, get new customers, and increase customer satisfaction. Subscribe to Easy Feedback PRO is adjusted to the amount of feedback received and the number of company employees.

The benefits obtained by the company are using EasyFeedback PRO products that can choose an accessible tool. The following types of tools can be accessed:

  • Certificate in care excellence
  • EasyFeedback PRO will provide companies with a certificate of excellence to receive customer feedback.
  • A set of personalized tools
  • Feedback can add to blog sites, the web, social media, and online stores. This can be selected by companies that use easy feedbackPRO so that they can listen to customer feedback channels.
  • The listening channel

EasyFeedback PRO provides a return channel that is equipped with analytical tools such as sector benchmarks, potential influencers, and brand barometers. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) will be collected by evaluating consumer responses in real-time.

  1. Legal advice

Legal advice services will be provided to consumers who are not satisfied with the company’s response to the feedback sent. It is possible that the answer you gave was inappropriate and no good effect. Replies will come out within two weeks after the feedback is sent.

  1. Use of EFT (Easy Feedback Token)

The award from easy feedback token is EFT because it has provided excellent and useful feedback. Money is generated from how much your EFT consumption is on online stores.

Why buy “EFT” Easy Feedback Token?

EFT (Easy Feedback Token) are given to consumers who have done feedback. This token can be exchanged for money according to market prices. Collection of EFT tokens is done so that when the market price is high, consumers can exchange it. Also, EFT can be exchanged for services and products in online stores. This consumption in an online store will appreciate by Easy feedback. Why buy “EFT” Easy Feedback Token?

  • Solid Business Model: Easy feedback business capital is strong and does not depend on business conditions.
  • Existing business: Starting in 2015, easy feedback becomes a trusted third party.
  • More than 200,000 entries
  • Tested technology
  • Bonus between 10% and 40%
  • Liquidity
  • Subscribe to Easy Feedback PRO
  • Stability
  • Blockchain and EFT
  • Exchange
  • Legal advice services

Consumers who are entitled to get awards related to easy feedback tokens and get EFT are certain conditions. Here are the terms:

  • Give awards to employees in companies or institutions for providing excellent services.
  • Provide input related to products or services that are good and useful for improvement.
  • Give appropriate criticism that is direct to the company, so it does not harm the company.


Benefits of Using Feedback Services

The benefits that can be obtained by consumers who use feedback services are:

  • Get genuine products.
  • Get a 20-40% purchase bonus using a valid token at the easy feedback store.
  • Consumers who hold tokens will get many facilities and benefits.
  • Obtain legal advice related to how to use EFT tokens.

Easy feedback token exists as a logical consequence of globalization in the economic field. This feature is a feedback facilitator that is trusted by many companies. Because the feedback sent will be well organized and provide benefits between the two parties. The company will be able to improve product progress, and consumers will get an awarded bonus after feedback. If you are an easy feedback user, be sure to provide honest and useful feedback to improve product development. So that the EFT will get a lot and the maximum token exchange limit is on March 15, 2020.

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Now You Can Build Your Island with Vectorium Crypto Energy

Vectorium platform developers try to provide the best solution for renewable energy. Vectorium uses artificial intelligence to carry out processes without emissions. Biomass can be energy combined with sophisticated blockchain technology as an innovative solution. Power is a primary human need. Without the sophistication of energy from various techniques can not be utilized. Vectorium can provide the best, environmentally friendly solutions. You can make your island.

Everyone in the Vectorium can build an island that can use as a place to collect and produce energy and use cryptocurrency. Sedentary islands can provide electrical energy value. Strength comes from combining wind, sun, and waste with useful ecosystems that are governed by artificial intelligence and blockchain. Waste to Coin is the basis of the Vectorium island, which will convert energy into coins through cryptocurrency on the blockchain technology platform.

Ecosystems can run with environmental life cycles that generate wealth healthily and sustainably. If the world and its planet reuse waste, life will improve. In the future, the air we breathe will be sooner and free of pollution thanks to the existence of vector islands like old times.

The combination of intelligence, software, and hardware has brought Vectorium to create something new. Blockchain technology is used to track the flow of vectors or energy exchanges that occur in seconds at a low cost. Two crypto coins with different functions are payment of power, Securities, transportation, and Conversion Bonds. The remnants of the community and converted into wealth and exchanged with other collectives by the vector islands without intermediaries. In a good cycle where waste converted to crypto-breath and crypto energy.

How The Breath System Work In Vectorium?

Breath is a factory that produces energy. Every energy produced by the sublimation process with perfect combustion. The air will be introduced and managed with some resistance placed on the reactor. The energy produced will undoubtedly be different and by human needs. Some of these energies include:

  • Hydrogen and Carbon is the result of a chemical reaction that allows separation.
  • Electricity is the energy most needed for various social activities. Power can be used in multiple locations by recharging, lighting, or reselling. The latest technology that has been transferred to use electrical energy such as cars, trucks, or electric motors can benefit.
  • Synthetic Methane that can send in channels to the network. Besides, its use can also use as fuel after storage in individual tanks.
  • Thermal energy is the heat generated from the process can be used to supply cold, steam, and hot water. It can use for various human needs in the future. This utilization can continue to rotate according to energy use.
  • Condensed Water, this energy depends on the material used to feed the machine and its moisture percentage. It can be used for crop irrigation or in industry.

Vectorium will provide options for the island you want. The developer also allows adjusting the location of the island of power. Some possible areas for your island establishment include installation on the ground will make the engine positioned externally. Placement on the ground can be done in indoor spaces such as warehouses and factories. Outdoor placement can be done with a roof covering with photovoltaic panels to increase energy production.

Besides, you can also find it above the sea. Breath systems installed on ships can be used to remove a lot of waste and are found in almost all the oceans in the world. It is a grave concern for processing waste. Commercial or tourist ports suitable for wind power systems can use. Positioning and photovoltaics can be done depending on the geographical characteristics of the location.

You can also place it underground. The loading system will be set up with an external trapdoor. The placement will make it easier for the material to dispose of for pouring. The Vectorium Team will help you build and maintain your Consortium. When you have a plan to share renewable energy production, you can share your ideas with the Vectorium team. You can register through the website and get information via whitepaper, or ann thread.

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What Is Vectorium Flash and Vectorium Plus?

Vectorium is a platform built on a blockchain technology network. That allows anyone to be able to participate with exchanges that are done using cryptocurrency. Vectorium Flash is a coin that can be mined based on new blockchain technology. This is a core asset of the new CryptoEnergy project that will take us to a new era. This crypto is what distinguishes the Vectorium energy platform from the previous platform.

Besides Vectorium Flash, the platform also uses Vectorium Plus. This is a way you can do to change the coins you have after being mined into electricity and consortium stock. The exchange will continue because every transaction in the ecosystem will use crypto. Blockchain technology supports all operations that can carry out safely. You can also exchange via ExMarket and FineBox.

Exchange can be done through a wallet owned by each ecosystem user. Every benefit from the ecosystem will help you to continue investing because you will get a bonus wallet or interest up to 20% each year. An environmentally friendly platform with almost no use of power can be the best future investment. Besides, the value of the Vectorium Consortiums is also bound. So you must immediately participate in the Vectorium to be able to form your island and simultaneously produce energy.

Buy Coin Now!

IEO Vectorium now is on. You can take your participation in the future Crypto Energy platform. Pre-Sale or ExMarkets IEO round 1 has begun on the 1 July to 21 July. The price of 1 VCTP is 0.70%, and you are still entitled to a discount of up to 30%. The soft stamp at this stage is $ 1,500,000, with a total acquisition of $ 1,416,450. At this time you can participate in Pre Sale, ExMarkets IEO or FinexBox for round 2. It starts from 21 July to 31 October. The price for 1 VCTP is 0.80 $. When you participate at this stage, you get a discount of up to 20%. Middle cap for round 2 is $ 7,500,000.

In addition to the two rounds, you can also participate in the Public Sale that starts on 31 October to 31 December. The price for 1 VCTP for this round is 0.90%. You can also get discounts for up to 10%. The hard cap on this round of sales is $ 100,000,000. After the public auction, there is still one last round that will start on the 1 December to 15 February. You will issue 1USD for 1 VCTP. Top hard cap in this round reaches $ 200,000,000. You can get the opportunity to utilize technology based on blockchain technology with artificial intelligence.

The Distribution of Vectorium Plus

Vectorium plus that has collected will be used for overall project development. The allocation of coin sales will adjust to the needs of platform development. Following the distribution of the number of tokens available.

  1. Pre-CGE and CGE Buyers (40%)

40% of the 500 million (or 200 million) VCTP available for issuance will allocate to pre-CGE buyers and CGE buyers.

  1. Reserves (40%)

The developer focuses on Vectorium’s long-term survival and wants to ensure that it not hampered by a lack of foresight concerning future funding in the beginning. Therefore, the Company has allocated 200 million (or 40%) of available VCTP to be issued as a backup to fund future growth initiatives or other needs that are important for the success of Vectorium. Reserves can be increased only by a majority vote (51%) of VCTP holders who vote, with each VCTP holder entitled to cast one vote per VCTP owned.

  1. Development Team and Founder (15%)

15% of the 500 million (or 75 million) VCTP available for publishing will allocate to the core development team, key employees, and founders. This BIQ will be locked into a smart contract and will fulfill the whole two years after the start of CGE.

  1. Counselor, Capital Increase Costs, Initial Marketing (5%)

5% of the 500 million VCTP available for issuance will allocate to companies and individuals who play an essential role. During the TGE process for either no upfront fees or highly discounted rates. Examples of these types of services include capital raising, legal, and marketing.

It’s Time to Join and Create Your Island!

Vectorium will provide an opportunity for you to organize your future by utilizing resources to produce energy. This platform allows users to have the best experience using blockchain technology with AI. The use of cryptocurrency will facilitate your transactions with the direct exchange.

Immediately prepare yourself to participate in ecosystems that are environmentally friendly and have many benefits. You can visit the web page to register. The available interface also makes it easier for you as a new user to adapt. When you want to get closer to the platform, then you can interact through Vectorium social media. The team will await your participation and ideas for the construction of Vectorium Island.

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