The Eternal Trusts Ecosystem and the Procedure till the Execution of Smart Contract

There is nothing wrong about having dreams that might sound impossible to realize now. The Eternal Trusts believe that every dream is destined to succeed. If you have the same faith, it wouldn’t be wrong for you to enter the Eternal Trusts ecosystem as its customer. It will create infrastructure and generate smart contract for the realization of your dream. In its ecosystem, there is this procedure that goes from clients setting global objective till the execution of smart contract. So, let’s see the steps in order here for better understanding of how ET can help realize our dreams.

1. Eternal Trusts Contacted by Clients

First things first, it starts with the clients contacting the Eternal Trusts platform. This is where the global objective is set. That being said, it is not like the platform will proceed with any objectives from any client right after that. There is the KYC-AML procedure that the clients have to pass first. Without passing this procedure, you can’t expect the platform to help you with no condition at all. You don’t have to worry though. KYC-AML procedure should not be difficult to pass. The Eternal Trusts doesn’t make things difficult for us.

Once you pass the procedure, you will need to acquire desired number of the Eternal Trusts currency. You will be in the need of the token in many steps of the procedure after all. After you have done them all, the platform will make the legal infrastructure to fulfill your dream in exchange of the Fiat paid to them. Besides the infrastructure, the platform will make sure to create the draft smart contract in exchange of the tokens paid to them as well. Now, the global objective is all ready and you can move on to the very next step.

2. Global Objective Is Broken Down

Once the global objective is set, the next step to do is to break it down into components. You don’t have to worry about anything though. The advisers of the platform will do this for you with the help of independent contractors. More than one component is necessary for the purpose you can find in the next step. So, let the platform do its job to break your objective into milestones. These elements of the objective will later lead you to the realization of the dream. In fact, it is the faster way of doing so and we are not supposed to ignore this.

Breaking down the objective is not the only thing that will be done in this second step of the procedure in the Eternal Trusts ecosystem. Let us tell you that those elements will be written into the smart contract. Well, of course, the client will have to pay for it with the tokens. So, make sure you have enough to go around. You can’t expect to get help for free, considering that it is for the realization of futuristic dreams that can’t normally be realized with mere effort on your part. You can trust your dreams to the Eternal Trusts here.

3. Anonymized Goals Are Published

Those elements broken down from your objective become the anonymized set of goals in the next step here. Now that they have been written in the smart contract, it will then publish them all on the marketplace. Those goals are being kept there for the providers to access for free. This is how the platform can look for the most suitable providers to fulfill your dream. The more elements published on the marketplace, the faster it is to find the providers. That is why the advisers and independent contractors broke the objective down before.

Allowing free access of those elements for application helps to attract the providers easier and faster too. Anyone would love to get free access, right? Unfortunately, clients would have to pay the platform with tokens. That being said, we don’t say that it is not worth doing. You will get the benefit later for the realization of your dream in exchange for that after all. Furthermore, once you make the payment for the task publication, the access to the list of those tasks will be free of charge. So, we dare to say it is worth to invest your token for.

4. Blockchain Decentralization Is Kept

The Eternal Trusts is one of those blockchain platforms with decentralized system too. Many platforms are turning to this new system for its benefits. Of course, it has to be well maintained. That is why participation of nodes is needed for that very reason. To do so, it will be the platform’s turn to pay with their tokens. Now, you see that you will not be the only one to spend their tokens for. The Eternal Trusts will do this far to ensure that the customers will always get the decentralization of the blockchain at its utmost.

5. Analytical Data Provided by the Market

To understand how the ecosystem works, you can learn and look at the schema at Let us tell you though that the client and the platform will not be the only ones being active in the platform’s ecosystem. The marketplace will contribute much for the realization of your dream too. What does it do? Actually, the marketplace will be the one to provide the analytical data on the most popular tasks from the customers above.

Once the analytical data has been provided, the development teams and the potential providers will have the chance to purchase them. To purchase those data, this time the potential providers will be the one who has to pay with tokens. Of course, those data are not there for free. However, both the development teams and the potential providers would really be in the need of those data to identify the most promising areas of development for them. So, they should be willing to pay for the price to get their hands on the data they really want.

6. Suitable Providers Are Searched For

Now that the providers have the data they need, it will finally be the time for the search of suitable providers. These providers will be the ones who will fulfill the goals that you have set earlier. There is no need to worry since you won’t be the one to look for those providers yourself. There is the third party service that will automatically do the job for you. Also, it is the Eternal Trusts that will pay the services for you too. There is nothing for clients to do in this step. As you know, the tokens will be used once more to make the payment too.

7. Providers Are Ready to Fulfill the Goals

The search of the suitable providers would not be the only that must be done in the procedure. The providers themselves have to be ready to help the clients fulfill their dreams. If they are ready, they should be willing to offer a solution to the problem that hinders the realization progress of your dream. Then, if they have the necessary service that can solve it, they should then register that very service on the marketplace. By having it there on the market, clients could later by the service for the purpose of fulfilling the goals of their dream.

This is not everything though. Providers will have to undergo rating procedure too. At the very least, these are the things that they have to be ready for. There is one more thing actually, but it is only optional one. It would be none other than for the providers to get assigned a certain status. For all of these things, they have to pay with tokens of course. These are what it takes for them to be the suitable choices to fulfill clients’ dream. That being said, it is not like they will be your providers just like that right away. The very choice must be made.

8. Suitable Providers Are Being Determined

Now that you have potential providers that might fulfill your goals, the next thing that must be done is to make the choice. By taking the algorithm into account, the right provider is chosen. The chosen one will then be redirected to the platform. That way, the deal is secured and the transaction can finally be executed. Once the execution has begun, you will have all of your necessary data in the smart contract extracted by the Eternal Trusts. After all, you are the person who has the dream and wants it to be realized. Your data must be clear.

It is not the only thing that the platform will extract from the smart contract though. You need to know that the platform will need all necessary data about the provider too. The Eternal Trusts needs to find out from the registration information about what services the provider could provide with to contribute for the fulfillment of clients’ goals. Once every necessary data and information gathered, they will be added to finalize the smart contract. Only then, the procedure of the Eternal Trusts ecosystem can move on to the last step below.

9. Finalized Smart Contract Is Executed

Since the smart contract is ready and all, the last step of the procedure would be none other than the execution of the contract itself. The smart contract will be subject autonomous execution, indeed. However, it would be in accordance with certain conditions laid down for it. Speaking about the execution, of course it won’t be free of charge. Upon the execution of the contract, payment must be made for the provider of the services that help the realization of client’s dream. You don’t have to worry since this is not for client to do.

The platform is the one that will perform the payment on your behalf. For this payment, the Eternal Trusts will have the choice to pay the provider with Fiat, Eternal Trust Token, or crypto currency. Then, this marks the end of the procedure in the Eternal Trusts ecosystem. It is quite long one indeed, but the procedure is pretty thorough and makes sure that you get the best provider to offer you the necessary services for your dream. What’s more? You are not alone and most of all the Eternal Trusts is all ready to proceed with things.



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