CurioInvest – Enabling Anyone to Invest in a Tokenized Share of Lucrative Cars

Classic cars have been steadily among the most valuable performing alternative asset classes. However, until today, the market is only viable for small groups of elite investors. Just like in other markets, some of the most valuable collectable cars have the highest purchase prices. It is because the value of exclusive car keeps increasing over time. Curio aims to enable anyone to invest in a tokenized share of the most lucrative cars.

CurioInvest Mission

CurioInvest serves as a user-friendly platform to invest in the finest lucrative collectable automobiles. The vehicles are selected by CurioInvest’s experts based on their investment value. The purchase price of the cars is crowd-funded to investors on the online platform by selling car tokens. Buying the token allows the buyers to share in any profit when the car is resold. Not only that, buyers can also earn diversified portfolio by buying tokens in more than one car. In other words, anyone is able to invest in the cybernetic garage backed by real-world assets.

You might be wondering how CurioInvest works. First of all CurioInvest’s teams look for investment-grade collectable cars through a thorough research. They only pick competitive price rare cars whose value is likely to increase over time. These selected cars then can be bought using car tokens for investment. Potential buyers who are interested in buying the cars can take a look at the information about the vehicle on the CurioInvest platform. The information includes the history of the vehicle’s ownership, prices, videos, photos, and other relevant information. You can get profit in two ways. First, you can wait until the car you invest in is resold. When it is resold and the value increases, you will get a profit. Second, it is also possible for you to cash out the car even before it is resold. It can be done by selling your car tokens peer to peer to other investors.

With that aforementioned mechanism, everyone can really invest with CurioInvest effortlessly. You don’t need to be a senior investor to invest in collectable. Now, smaller investors or even just ordinary car enthusiasts can enjoy the benefit from the collectable market. In other words, the digital platform is free and open to all users as long as they are above eighteen years old. All investors should pass a KYC test to be able to make investment. This test can be easily completed online

How to Buy and Sell Car Tokens

Buying and selling car tokens is very easy. On the platform, you just need to go to the vehicle’s page and click the Request Access button. Then, fill the form. However, a first time investor is required to complete a questioner before making the purchase, followed by filling in other registration process. It includes filling in some personal information and competing a KYC check. After finishing this quick registration process, you can enter your credit card to place your first investment. The transaction will be proceeded right away by a trusted payment solution provider. If you already registered, you need to simply lick the PAY button on the vehicle’s page to purchase car tokens.

Selling the car tokens is also easy. Whenever the car is resold at in increased value, you can directly reimburse the cost and get the share of the profit. Alternatively, you can sell your car tokens to other investors in a peer-to-peer method. From this explanation, it is clear that there are two ways to make money from the investment. First, you can make money when the car is resold. Second, you can trade the car tokens before the car is sold.

Advantages of CurioInvest

CurioInvest is different from other platforms in a way that it provides a simple and user-friendly platform that anyone can use. There is no need for phone calls, meeting, and intricate paperwork. Minimum capital requirements can be effectively reduced by using a crow-funded community based model for the investment. It means that the collectible market can be easily accessed by smaller investors.

Investing collectible cars have a brighter prospect comparing to other alternative asset classes. However, not everyone know how to enter this market successfully. With the blockchain technology used by CurioInvest, beginners and car enthusiasts can enjoy the wealth the industry offers. There are numerous advantages that investors can obtain by using CurioInvest. First, CurioInvest allows all of the investors to invest in the rarest cars with high value such as the Ferrari F12 TDF. Who doesn’t want to invest in this kind of supercar? The good thing is that there is no intricate and complicated procedures to follow and paperwork to write.

Moreover, your investment will grow in a tax-efficient way. It is because CurioInvest has a unique, dependable crowdfunding structure that other online platforms don’t have. The transaction within this platform is also secured. It is because the platform uses a decentralized and encryption blockchain that is known for its high security level particularly when dealing wit regulatory and compliance concerns. A large-scale data breach is almost impossible because no central server is used. It explains why blockchain technology is used by the United Nations, the Swiss government and many major global actors. The next advantage is the full-service investment it gives. Not only does it serve as a door to the collectable car market, it also helps investors to deal with all aspects of the investment such as payments, documentation, and administration process.

The most interesting thing that attracts many investors is that they do not need to pay any fees until the investment is successful. So, if you get no return, you won’t be charged any fee. There are also transparent monitor tools that help investors informed about anything related to their investment. There is even a central hub to store and download necessary documents about the investment. Last but not least, CurioInvest accept many different currencies such as Ether, Bitcoin, and more than thirty other currencies. In other words, this platform offers vast flexibility in terms of the type of currencies that can used for transaction.

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