Watchout! Your Smartphone Is Three Times Riskier Attacked By Cyber Criminal

In the era of digital, or most of people call it cyber era, the criminality spread into every space of human life. Not only happen in the real life, the criminal also touch in cyber life. They usually hack your account to steal your privacy, such as data, PIN, and even money. So, you must be careful for this side of crime. These are the hackers can do to your smartphone and why they do it.

  1. Your Phone stores such information even the owner’s privacy

It must be done by every smartphone’s user that they save a lot of privacy in their smartphone such as videos, messages, pictures, and some valuable data. It can attract the interest of cyber criminal. You should be aware about this one.

  1. Autofill is actually unsecure

Everyone almost has same opinion about the autofill feature run in your device. It simplify and do as ‘shortcut’ when you want to login into the account. It is annoying enough if you must enter password whenever you want to logon into account. But, actually it is more secure rather than you use autofill feature. Hackers usually track your password by that feature. So, just be rethinking that.

  1. Phone is Virtual Money

It is true that virtual wallet and online transaction was very helpful enough for everyone life. They don’t need to bring cash to buy something and they can buy something by very easy way. But, the virtual ‘bank’ is usually insecure if you don’t keep it safely. Some applications provided by companies, such Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay, are attracting hackers to steal your transaction.

  1. GPS let ‘they’ know where you are

Location service is always included in smart devices. It helps the users to get easier when using certain applications, like map. But, you must be careful about this one. If hackers know where you are, they can use it to do some illegal activity that may harm you.

  1. Your Smartphone could be a spam tool

Hackers work like intelligent. They work without noise and not much people know. They can also attack your device and make it as spam tool. Once your Android or iPhone start delivering emails, texts, or making call that you never ask, it means your phone has been hacked.

You should know the way to prevent that bad thing come to you. So, you will be more careful to use smartphone.