No Restart after Windows Update will Be Included in Update of Windows 10

Have you ever be frustrated when you do automatic Windows update and after that you must restart your computer to reuse it? It was happened to everyone, especially when they are doing something important like public presentation. I think the Microsoft side has heard our discomfort. In new update on Windows 10 that will be available in this March or April, Windows will eliminate the ‘restart feature’ when you have finished the update. It must be a major effect for a minor change.

All series of Windows, before Windows 10, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 require restart when the update has finish. It makes us discomfort especially when we are in rush of time to finish a work. According to the Windows blog, the update will came in this March or lately in April. They call for their new update with the name of “the creator update”. In the future, once you finish the update, the computer doesn’t need to be restarted. It means you can use your computer normally like before the update installed.

Microsoft will give three options before you do update that you must choose. Those three options are as follows “Restart now”, “Pick a time”, and “snooze”. The first option, “restart now”, means you will directly do the restart update. It is ideally done when you are in spare time. The Windows will deliver the update as soon as followed with restart and the update will be installing.

The second option is “pick a time”. This option let you choose what time you will restart the computer. I mean you can rule the time. This option is perfect to do when you are working with the computer and need some times to finish it. So, the update will run after your finish your work. The third or the last option is “Snooze”. It is more likely the “pick a time” option. The different is the time has been decided by Windows for up to three days. By this option you can delay the restart update until three days.

By this new feature in Windows 10 update, there is no more “sudden restart” when you want to update Windows. Unfortunately, this feature is only for Windows 10 users. If you are the users of previous Windows edition, you will not get that feature. So, for you that use Windows 10, prepare yourself to get new update from Window.