Razer Edge Pro as Exceptional Gaming Computer to Choose This Year

Enjoying gaming can really be done by using computer. This “console” is so awesome because you can simply upgrade the specifications in order to support the high end gaming. This condition is totally different from the other gaming consoles which demand you to purchase the whole new consoles for the latest game. Well, in the latest category of recommended gaming computers, there is in fact one item that simply looks exceptional. The item that is meant here is no other else but Razer Edge Pro. For you to know, this computer is included in the category of tablet computer. The operating system that is used in this tablet is Windows 8 operating system. The processor that is used in it is the latest Core i7 Intel processor. Other than this one, this tablet is also completed with 8GB DDR3 memory and also 256GB SSD SATA III storage.

So, why is this Razer Edge Pro mentioned to be a recommended gaming system if this simply looks like common Windows 8 tablet? Well, actually, it is not only the tablet that makes it recommended as gaming computer. A fact that you have to know about this tablet is that Razer actually also create some separated accessories that can make gaming experience to be excellent with the tablet. The most prominent accessory for this tablet is Razer Gamepad Controller. This controller is especially design with a kind of handle in both sides that function as controller. Playing games by using this controller is certainly better. Other than this one, there is also Docking Station that is better used for more than one player and also Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller.

With all exclusive gaming accessories as mentioned before, it is so reasonable that Razer Edge Pro is a recommended option for gaming computer. It is too bad that the price applied to this gadget is in fact a quite high. The price of the tablet itself is about $1,499.00. This price is not included the price of accessories mentioned previously. It means that you need to pay more of you want to use all of the previous accessories.