Presenting All Out And User Friendly Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The world is now has changed drastically due to the introduction of the cryptocurrency and the platforms that hold them. Many of the conventional business is facing the severe threat of being disrupted by the platform of cryptocurrency since that is the very nature of the platform itself. The disruption is the main agenda of the platform since they feel that the current and the most common practices of the conventional business model has led to the people to suffer and generate injustice across the world. One of the leading examples of such business is the pictures platform such as the Getty images and the shutter cock that is very centralized and costly and thus making content creator not motivated to produce more artwork for the people. This occurrence is very saddening and should not happen in the future. And that is where the crypto platform was going in, to enter the market and disrupt the current business form.

But even the crypto platform also suffer the problems, which are they lack in practicality and the exchange platform. As we know, there is a lot of cryptocurrency in the world, and thus they need a specific platform to exchange the token be it inter cryptocurrency exchange or crypto-fiat currencies exchange in such a platform. Several platforms have existed on the internet but still have several issues such as the lack of integrity, the small scope that it encompasses, and the complexity of the platform that leaves the people who are not familiar with cryptocurrency will suffer a loss when they try to purchase and exchange a particular token. To sum up, there are several issues of the token exchange platform that is now ravaging the platform.

  1. Lack of education

One of the most important thing for the exchange is the general information concerning the token and the platform itself, as well as the procedure of transfer, and the consequences that might follow. The cryptocurrency world is a very new and very young world that just entered the global market very recently. It is understandable that not many people are aware of and recognizes the token and the platform entirely, and how they work in the market ecosystem. The platform exchange needs to inform and educate their potential customer and thus making the platform more and more transparent and filled with a satisfied customer.

  1. Lack of security

Besides the education and the integrity of the platform, the exchange procedures and the token exchange platform suffer massive occurrence of the hacking and cracking by several hackers that cost even billions of dollars annually. The security of the exchange platform is very lacking and make them very vulnerable to such an attack and thus make it insecure for the people conduct the transaction within such platform. The security of such a platform needs to be strengthened to make it more secured and more reliable in the term of the token exchange.

  1. Lack of customer support

As many customers that are not yet understood the realm of the cryptocurrency, the platform that provides the exchange of token is often lacked in customer services. This leads to many customers who make the additional purchase and thus causing them to to lose their money for the consequence. This is not very pleasant since the education needs to be put forward in the term of token exchange, and the forefront who will give them such education will be the customer services. The CS will tell them the procedures of the exchange and giving them any advice concerning the token trade so that they will gain profit and make the best of their exchange. It is imperative also to have the CS to give the full information related to their platform so that the customer knows how the platform runs and thus provides the customer with comfort as they use the platform.

  1. Unclear procedures of exchanging token to fiat currencies

One of the main reason the people purchase the token is to make them as the form of investment, and therefore they need to be exchanged with the fiat currencies, such as dollars for example. But unfortunately, every token exchange platform has their standard in the term of exchanging token and thus make the market very vulnerable to many changes and drifts and thus leading to the drop of the token worth and make many investors are losing their money due to the ineffective investment. The form and the pattern of the fiat currencies need to be strengthened and made transparent so that the exchange can be standardized to make the fiat currencies exchange more stable and perspective.

Currently, there is a handful of token exchange platform that is spread out in many countries,  such as Indonesia. There are also several global platforms that receive all forms of exchange in every place of the planet. That is possible since the platform is decentralized and can be easily used by many people. But unfortunately that platform still suffers the same fate, which is hampered by those issues we have mentioned above, until kubitX emerges.

For further information concerning the current token exchange platform and market, you may refer to the websites below.

Introducing Kubitx, The Platform To End All Issues Concerning Exchange

kubitX is one of the token exchange platforms that emerge to answer the issues concerning the exchange, the one we have mentioned above before. At first glance, kubitX can be said as the world’s most advanced platform in the term of crypto exchange, due to their robust and sophisticated technology they apply. They also have the most secured wallet that every hacker could not hope to breach, and lastly, they have the broadest scope of services, so that even the remotest place in a particular part of the world can access the services quickly. Those three advantages are the most valuable advantages that can be owned by the exchange platform, and therefore this platform is very worthy to be used by all customer.

For the summary, here are several points that are offered by the platform for the customer all over the world.

  1. Lowest Fees

Every exchange that occurred in the world of cryptocurrency will have the fees included. The fees are usually used for the platform to develop them, or to reward the user for doing the transaction in the form of their token. Usually, the fees ranged from 0.1% to 2% in each platform. Even those values are insignificant, and it will be felt more when you are about to exchange your bitcoin to dollars, since the bitcoin yields the highest value of all token, and thus decreasing the value to 2% will have the significant impact. The platform of kubitx yields the cheapest fees of all since they just applied 0.05% of the total transaction of the exchange for the platform. By this, the customer will have more money when they exchange their token to the fiat currencies.

  1. Secured

As we have mentioned above, the security of the platform is impenetrable. The wallet, which the customer will store their token and fiat currencies alike, are protected by most sophisticated and cutting-edge technology that will ensure the security of it, and thus making the customer more convenient in using the platform and their services too. The security is critical by the entire blockchain platform since numerous hackers and crackers are already breached several exchange platform and gains thousands of dollars only by hacking. The amount of loss that has been inflicted on the whole ecosystem by the hackers has reached about billions of dollars. That number is staggering, and thus need to be put to an end immediately using the kubitX.

  1. Fast transaction

The rate of a transaction is also significant. The speed of the transaction will determine how fast you can have your money, and therefore the more speed a platform has, the better since the customer only wants to have the fastest and more reliable token exchange platform. Typically, all kind of token exchange platform will have around 1 to 2 million token exchange per second, but the kubitX will support up to 12 million token exchange per second, and that number is still climbing since more and more developers are put into use to increase the speed of the transaction. Using kubitX, you will have the fastest and real-time exchange so that you can have your money soon and gaining profit faster.

  1. Multi-language services

KubitX will fulfill their promise to embrace the global market by adding 5 languages into their services .the language is not just written in their mobile app and their website, but it also spoken by their customer services so that the customer in any part of the world will be able to come into contact with the customer services efficiently using their selected language. This will make the platform not so western oriented, as the platform dare itself to open up a new market in African regions.

For further information, you can access the webpage below.

The Token Sale And Usage

Like any other exchange platform that is based on cryptocurrency, this platform does have their token which is called the kubitX token. The token can be used to pay the fees of the exchange that will be 0.05% per exchange. You can use whatever token you have to pay the fees of exchange, but when you use the kubitX token, you will have additional bonuses for about 25% of the total token worth, so that you can gain more money exchanging using the token. The only method to acquire the token is to join the sale.

Typically, there are three rounds of sale. The first sale is the seed phase or the private sale which is already ended in 16th  July 2018. The second phase is the pre-ICO or the pre-sale which is currently ongoing and will elapse at 31st of August 2018. There is no soft cap or the hard cap for any particular sale, as the platform employs the general soft and hard cap in any sales. The soft cap is around 10 thousand ETH, and the hard cap will be around 25 thousand ETH. As for the bonuses of the pre-sale round, this round yields about 20% bonus per token worth. The token worth is about 0.0001122 per ETH, and the minimum entry for the sale is 25 ETH.

The last round of ICO will be the public sale. Unfortunately, the date has not been released yet, and we assume that it will occur just after the pre-sale, which is around September. But it has the potential not to happen at all if the entire token has been sold in the private sale, and therefore they have not yet released the date. The minimum entry for this sale is 0.25 ETH token, and they have not yet released the bonus and the token worth per ETH for this round. The total amount of the token that is issued by the platform is about 500 million token supply, and that will be allocated into several sectors. Compared to any other platform, the amount of token is comparatively smaller, but therefore they yield the highest token worth per dollars.

As for the token allocation funds, here are the following.

  • 2% bounty and airdrop
  • 3% board of advisors
  • 16% public sale
  • 20% kubitX investment
  • 23% founder team
  • 36% pre-ICO

As we can see, the token allocation for the sale is 50% and that the rest of the token will be distributed into various sectors and parties such as the advisors and the founder team. the fund’s allocation or the money that is resulted after selling the token will be spent mostly in liquidity, or the asset of the platform to ensure the value of the token and the fiat currencies, and also the technology to ensure the platform is using the latest and cutting-edge technology the world has.

For further information concerning the token sale and the token allocation, you can refer to the web pages below.

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