Main iOS and Android Differences Applied in Modern Smartphone

In the mobile technology, iOS and android are important mobile operating systems used which iOS and Android differences will be explained deeply in this article. There are some differences between iOS and Android operating system which they are important to be understood. First, it is about coding which a programming language used becomes the base in this point. The second difference is related to integrated development environment.

Next, it is related to operating systems used that is also different. Another basic difference actually is about their design. There are some basic differences used in iOS and android such as general style, back button, title, navigation, button style and icon style. Difference in its design is as basic iOS and Android difference that can be understood easily. It means that design differences used in iOS and android are easier to be understood than differences in their operating system.

The next difference is related to entrance fees. To develop mobile app for iOS is more expensive than android. It happened because we just need for about 25 dollar fee to register as developer. It is different with iOS which we need for about 99 dollar. In addition, app review used in iOS is also different with app review used in android. The distribution platforms are also different. It is usually done after the application successfully uploaded to the platforms.

Talking about market share, iOS and android actually are also different in their market share. There are many factors that can cause the difference in their market share. The last difference between iOS and android is related to their profitability. Based on the differences explained above actually it will create some variations to choose smartphone using iOS or android in its operating system. The explanation above is about technical difference between iOS and Android that can be learn well.