Integrating The Whole Crypto Market By Ingotcoin

The world of economy is always in a constant change. The methods of the transaction, storing, the form of business and so forth are always on the changes, along with the advances in technology which backs the whole economic world. Form the simple paper money to the sophisticated cryptocurrency, the way of the transaction has already been changed forever. The means of payment nowadays are getting faster and simpler, and also cover almost the entire human life aspect. Today, we are no longer required to bring a massive amount of paper money everywhere, where we can store a massive amount of money in the simple card of ATM. The payment is also will be using the ATM which you don’t have to bring such conventional and outdated paper money. Those changes have made a world become a singular and yet super strong market for everyone to exploit. And this is happening as the dawn of the blockchain world emerges, and the whole crypto token is on the rise.

The blockchain platform is a very recent tech which has been discovered to help boost the business and human life. This blockchain is often bringing more and more disruptive form of business which is very damaging the whole conventional business model but gave birth to an infinite amount of innovation and discovery. Today we can see the most sophisticated form of business which is very perplexing and out of the box as more and more blockchain platform is on the rise. Those platforms are giving disruption to the old and conventional centralized business which are very good in keeping the market on the role and providing more and more business opportunity for those who wish to exploit it. This day indeed is the golden age of information and technology where those two has shaped the whole destiny of mankind.

But all of those seems too good to be true. It is true, to some extent, but nevertheless, the world of cryptocurrency are still facing a serious problem and threat that comes in multiple directions. Until these issues have been solved, the world of cryptocurrency will remain hindered and hampered without hope to progress. These are the most crucial issues for them.

  1. Impractical

As we can see, the token or the cryptocurrency is very impractical. We can see hundreds of new token are being generated on the weekly basis, as more and more platform emerges and covers the entire world. But unfortunately, those tokens are practically useless outside the platform and thus cannot be used I the daily transaction. We do understand that there are several platforms which attempt to solve this issue by providing the merchants of vendors which accept the token of one particular platform, but those platforms remain isolated since they are working alone and with no help of the other platform. There are also several platforms which have created their own ATM and makes the vendors and the user can conduct their transaction using the token, but it is still too early to say that such platform is the key for the practicability of the token itself.

  1. Security risk

This is one of the most crucial issues that is now faced by the world of cryptocurrency. The blockchain ecosystem has been bombarded by the hackers and crackers which tries to exploit the loopholes or the security weakness that can be found in the blockchain system. The amount of money that has been lost due to the attack of the hackers are staggering, even reaching billions of dollar per year. This is absolutely very bad for the monetary system which needs to be very secure and reliable. Unless the blockchain is putting the maximum effort in defending their system against the hackers, the token will be worthless as they are kept stolen and make the value of the token reduced.

  1. Uncoordinated and fractured

We can see that the so many platforms in the blockchain are now, but almost none of them are interconnected by one after another and creates the antagonizing relations between one and another. That is also the very important issue and need to be resolved since the fractured system will make the fragile platform for the whole economic operation to follow. There has to be some sort of relations and coordination between one platform to another to make the crypto world even stronger and better. We can see that the demands and the popularity of the token now are raising due to the influence of the bitcoin, but it will remain a temporary fashion unless the whole crypto platform unites and drives the world towards a place where the token can rise and used forever. The coordination could come in the form of singular digital banking where the banks are holding the power to determine the value of token and so forth so that the value is no longer being drafted by the demands of the market alone.

  1. Trust issue

One of the issues of token currency is the trust issue. Much serious business owners still perceive that the token is not a business thing, but instead, it is just a form of investment which will be eventually withdrawn and the token holder will return to the fiat currencies in the end. This is happened due to the trust issue that exists in the government of the world, where a good number of them including the USA, China, middle eastern countries and so forth are banning the transaction, the usage, and the exchange of the token. this is because the token alone don’t have the solid and firm platform, where the fiat currencies have. This is also problematic for the token as the spirits of that platform are very decentralized, whereas the idea of a universal bank seems very contradictory to such a notion.

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Elevating The Status Of Platform With Ingotcoin

As we have already stated numerous issues of the platform above, what remains for us now it tries to solve the solution. There are several platforms which have issued several features such as the token exchange, the token wallet and so forth, but still, they remain uncoordinated. Say for the exchange, for example, there is a lot of platforms which provides the services of the exchange, all with the different tariff, speed, and reliability. Those are not very good for business as they are fractured and makes the value of token unclear. The one who holds the value of the token for each platform is just the community of the token user, and as the user diminish, the token value follows. That is also a very bad idea since the value of money need to be stronger and reliable as it will be used worldwide.

The second issue is the coverage for each platform. We do understand that the scope of business needs to be limited otherwise it will become a failing business. But as we have stated before, that the business which is involved in the world of cryptocurrency need to expand very fast as the token is claimed to become the new form of money in the near future. but sadly, no platform has reached the global scale, as they are constantly banned by the number of countries which we are already stated before. The token nowadays are very exclusive for each platform and can be exchanged using the different platform, which is very inefficient. there has to be a platform which attempts to merges several features such as the token storage, exchange, and payment at the same time.

But just so happen, there is one particular platform which attempts just that. Introducing the ingotcoin,  the new way of storing, exchanging, and using the token from all various platforms. Here are several features that are promised by the platform itself.

  1. Token wallet

As the name suggests, the token wallet is the place where someone stores their token. usually, the token wallet will be comprised of just one type of token, which is the token that issued by the particular platform. But this wallet is completely different, as it can hold a large amount of token for every type in a single wallet. The wallet itself is very easy which can be accessed through the mobile app that is provided by the platform itself. The token wallet will be able to store the amount of token for a limitless time, and an almost unlimited amount of it. It is also very secure as it deployed the top tier tech to guard the wallet against the potential hackers and crackers.

  1. Token exchange

The exchange is also very important features inside the realm of cryptocurrency, as it will be used to exchange one of the most valuable crypto tokens which are the bitcoin and the ethereum coins. Those two coins are very valuable and yield the biggest amount of money per token and therefore a lot of people want to hold such token for investment in the long run. The exchange’s speed is also very fast and reliable without queue and indent and will obviously make the user very comfortable and convenient. The token exchange is also unlimited in value, therefore, you don’t have to worry about the limit of the exchange as the ingotcoin know no such thing. It is very practical as the user can easily exchange the token is a swipe of their fingers.

  1. Brokerage purchases

This is one of the most unique features in this platform, which is the purchase of goods that are demanded by the market, or simply the brokerage. In this platform, you can purchase several goods or material such as metal, lumber and so forth using the token that you owned. This is what makes the platform are very suitable for the businessman as they provide this features. This will also reduce the cost and the time which are required to process such a transaction, and using the token will only make it simpler and user-friendly. This also gives the platform the practical use of their own token as they will be constantly used by the user to sale-purchase more goods.

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The Token Generation Event Of IC

As one of the platforms which are inherent to the world of cryptocurrency, the platform also issues the token. there is only one way to acquire the token, which is following the sales of a token. there are two kinds of sales which are applied to the platform, they are:

  1. The pre-sale

This is the kind of sale that yields the highest bonus per token. but unfortunately, the sale has already over in August, as it is started in June. the bonus of the pre-sale is about 35% which declines by 5% per week.

  1. The public sale

The public sale will occur on the 1st of July to the 15th of August, which means there are few days remaining before the conclusion of the sale. The bonus will be around 25% to 0%, and it will declines for 5% per week, similarly to the pre-sale.

As for the caps, as usual, there are two caps for the sale which is the soft cap and the hard cap. The soft cap is about 37million USD, and the hard cap will be around 90million USD worth token. joining the sale is the only way for the people to acquire the token, as the token which is unsold will be destroyed. the token distribution is already present in the whitepaper as you can access it in the webpage. Majority of the token generated by the system will be given to the sale, and the remaining of the generated token will be given to several posts such as the developer, the marketing team, and company reserve. The funds which are also generated by the sale result will be used to pay the wage of the worker, and most will be used for research and technology for the improvement of the platform.

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