The Terms of Bcnex Crowd Sale

We have been familiar with a new technology called cryptocurrency. What is a cryptocurrency? cryptocurrency is a digital currency exchange, which uses good security features to avoid counterfeit and to save financial transactions. So, cryptocurrency can be transacted online. It differs with the cast since cryptocurrency is more safety than cast money.  Cryptocurrency is designed by solving mathematics questions based on the cryptography.  The word cryptocurrency is much related to Bcnex.

Although it is still odd for some people around the world, Bcnex becomes so crowd in the economy sector, especially for many investors. Bcnex is the new generation of cryptocurrency exchange. In Vietnam, Bcnex is working to make the first and best-regulated crypto exchange. Ngo Hoang Quyen whose name is not strange for the cryptocurrency community establishes it.

Through Bcnex, access to blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is easier and accessible. It is created to be very quick, accurate and flexible with 2.000.000 orders per second. Moreover, through the Bcnex project, we can buy, exchange and trade the blockchain-based tokens in Vietnam that would be expanded to other countries in the rest of the world.

Bcnex project is operated with a native token called BCNX in which there are 200.000.000 BCNX issued, and its quantity will never raise. It is an ERC223 standard token released on the Ethereumblockchain. BCNX is used for trading, buying, selling another cryptocurrency on Bcnex. It also can be used for transactions payment.

By purchasing BCNX from Bcnex means that we will be bound with the terms incorporated by reference. However, before we jump into terms list, let’s talk about the sum of token number in Bcnex gather together with its exchange rate.

Bcnex Crowd Sale

After we know about cryptocurrency, now we jump to the most eminent part of this article that will discuss the sale stages of the BCNEX project. If we talk about bones, we will meet at 4 sessions. They are ETH, BTC, USDT, and BCN. For each session, we can invest in using the currency and price, which they offer. Also, we can buy some amount of bonus coins. The goal of these 4 sessions is to support transaction pairs in Bcnex. The crowd sale of bones is live and there are some differences in each other.

Substantively, the tokens sale is showing us a very good sign that it is already collected 37, 74 Hard Cap. It leads investors’ attraction to this project. Then, the team project decides to raise the sum of Hard Cap from $15.000.000 up to $30.000.000.

Here, come to look them on the tables, and for the explanation is in below:

No Sessions Number of Token Price
1 ETH 15.000.000 0,25 $


2 BTC 50.000.000 0,324 $
3 USDT 34.000.000 0,35 $


4 BCN 1.000.000 0,45 $


The success of the blockchain mission relies on reception that mentions Ethereum is considered as the largest benefactor is true. It is known that Bcnex has been collected 2,535.62 ETH so far and still counting. This session means Ethereum, which means that we can buy Bcnex tokens.

According to the table above, ETH has sold 15.000.000 tokens and 0, 25$ for the price. Its price depends on the stages. It means that day by day, the price will increase. Therefore, if we want to invest a project at a bargain price, it is better to invest now, so the rate has not improved yet.

Meanwhile, according to the chart above, ETH has begun to inexperienced. Moment candlestick reacts from $ 230 by increasing the volume of purchases and sales.

1. BTC Session

The second option for a major investor is the BTC session. It is expected to be more competitive than the previous session, ETH. It is written on the table that there is a 50.000.000 BTC token number with its price is 0, 29$.  It starts from May 18, 2019, 09:30:00 GMT+7 up to June 27, 2019, 14:00:00 GMT+7.

Nowadays there is a sale of BCNX coins for Bitcoin. It is already sold 45% of the coins (22, 741, and 848 of 50.000.000). The price of 1 BCNX is 0, 00003385 BTC. In this time, the team project is trying to collect 672 BTC. However, this session will also end soon and the next investments in this project will be not as cheap as the previous. On the one side, although this growth of Bitcoin, the investors support this project and give investment in it.

2. USDT Session

The third options for major investors USDT session. According to the table above, there is 34.000.000 USDT token number with the exchange rate is $0, 35 – $0, 45. It starts from June 2, 2019, 09:30:00 GMT+7 – 27 June 2019, 14:00:00 GMT+7.

3. BCN Session

The last option for the significant investor is BCN session. It is mentioned on the table that there is 1.000.000 token number with the exchange rate is $0, 45 which started on June 17, 2019, 09:30:00 until June 27, 2019, 14:00:00 GMT+7.

Bcnex Terms

If we are interested in buying it, please read these term lists carefully! And if we are doubtful about the terms, let’s forget our will to get it.

1. Registration

Registration is the very first list that we must consider since if we have not registered yet, we cannot access anything from the Bcnex Platform. The one that is allowed to have Bcnex account is 18 years old or older which means that we are considered to understand, accept the terms in trading our digital assets and submit the laws that apply for us. Moreover, when we have registered on Bcnex account, we will be obliged to check a box which indicated that you have read and accepted all the terms of the Bcnex Privacy Policy.

The users also should know that one Bcnex account is pointed for a single user only. In registration, Bcnex account will ask some detailed information about us such as email address with its password. Similar to another account, the password is not allowed to be shared with other people.

2. Accessibility

When the users have had Bcnex account, we will get some access to use a number of exchange wallets for aiming of storing, transferring, managing, tracking and trading digital assets. Bcnex will provide the users with an informational and order-matching exchange service by showing prices for digital assets being sold on the Bcnex Platform at any given time.  They will inform us that the orders are in accordance with the instruction we received on the Bcnex Platform.

Step we have to do first is to transfer funds starting time. This time, we must ensure that the Bcnex exchange wallets support our digital assets. Also, we are not permitted to store unsupported digital assets in our wallets since it may cause in the forfeiture of our digital assets. Meanwhile for the payments, if we agree to pay to Bcnex automatically, the trading fees are set out on the Bcnex website.

The second thing we must consider is we must comply with any instructions from Bcnex account about exactly how to use the Bcnex Services and must not do everything that interferes the normal operation of the Bcnex Services.

If Bcnex finds an invalid transaction that caused by a failure of the system or any other causes, Bcnex has a right to correct this erroneous since it will be beneficial for Bnex or any user. Where there is such an error, any user actually will get more digital assets that the amount that such user should have got. If it has happened, the Bcnex will correct it and the users should return the digital assets in question. The users recognize that Bcnex will not assume responsibilities of any losses caused by such an invalid transaction.

3. Representations and Warranties

Every time we put an order on the Bcnex Platform, we will represent and warrant to Bcnex that:

We have the capability and authority to sell on the Bcnex Platform. It means that we are including as a legal owner of the digital assets or cryptocurrencies that being sold and they are free from any charge or encumbrance.

Here, we have already relied on information given on the Bcnex Platform in making orders and are not allowed to rely on any representation from another person without Bcnex limitation. In short, you have image and warrant that we are only permitted to store or trade funds and digital assets in the Bcnex Platform.

Moreover, we will not allow using Bcnex Service in violation of any applicable laws in which without posting information on the Bcnex Platform that is either illegal or unlawful.

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