The Mycro for Future Job Platform with Blockchain Technology

Future platforms have now been developed to maximize technology utilization. The use of blockchain is one of the purposes of the latest technology as a solution for every digital transaction. Blockchain is based on technology that allows information to be managed in a decentralized manner.

Each block/data set is arranged chronologically on a blockchain, which means that all history can be traced. Every network activity is checked and added to the blockchain. A decentralized network manages blockchain. This network consists of independent computers, also called nodes (miners), which are synchronized with each other and excessively store the entire history of the block.

In this way, the failure of each computer has no visible effect due to the redundant history stored on the network node. The security system on blockchain technology is also guaranteed. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is well-known, for example, using blockchain technology. The success of Bitcoin drives more and more platforms built on blockchain technology. The use of this technology has been able to provide convenience and security in transactions.

Mycro developed a platform for work above blockchain technology. It helps everyone to be able to connect to the work needed. Previously frequent problems are usually related to late payments. Finding people who fit the job criteria is also not easy.

Mycro is presented with a concept that makes it easy for job seekers and employers to meet so that they can interact in real time. Job seekers can provide information about their expertise and field of work. On the other hand, the employer can offer a detailed description of the type of work and specification of the workers needed.

The exchange will be carried out using cryptocurrency. MYO tokens will be a legitimate exchange tool that applies to the ecosystem. Everyone can get it through token sales events. When the job is confirmed complete, MYO will enter the worker’s wallet. That will facilitate all the payment in the ecosystem instantly. This system will make no pending payments, so everyone can get comfort when using the platform.

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How is the Smart Contract Used on Mycro?

The use of blockchain technology certainly requires the use of smart contracts. It is a service show that is translated into code. The contract will be made by the transactions carried out related to the terms agreed upon by contract. Contracting parties can rely on implementing arrangements without the need for intermediaries.

Only the most essential information needed for implementing the logic of the contract stored in the smart contract. Other data, such as images, descriptions, etc., which are indeed required to ensure optimal use for users but not to execute smart contracts are stored off-chain in either the central database or in distributed systems.

Protocols, such as IPFS, allow non-distributed open data storage that is distributed with the option of referring this data from smart contracts via crypto hasp. This not only ensures integrity but also allows all changes to the information stored outside the chain to be tracked. All arrangements will be stored in blocks in blockchain technology. Security is also ensured by limiting access rights.

The Mycro Protocol with Blockchain Technology to P2P Transaction

The Mycro application shows how blockchain technology can be used to efficiently overcome the main challenges of trust, security, and high costs for a central platform in the economy. However, the performance economy is not the only industry that faces this challenge. This problem can always be found where transactions occur between individuals.

It has been shown that trust and security are the most important factors when deciding to use or oppose a transaction, especially in the case of transactions that are not purely digital but require personal meetings during implementation. The user’s reputation, mostly created by reciprocal evaluation on a single platform, is very superior in terms of security and self-confidence with the opposite developed.

With the Mycro protocol, Mycro’s goal is to implement a decentralized and independent social proof protocol based on Ethereum, which allows other applications to apply it in order to create more trust and security, with low transaction costs, for P2P transactions that occur in both online and offline worlds, opening up the enormous potential of sharing economics.

The Mycro Token Design That Use in The Ecosystem

Mycro tokens are used to give power to the Mycro ecosystem. It is a tool to achieve deeper involvement from the community of signatories, partners, and broader contributors who will be the primary beneficiaries of ecosystem growth. The Token will be issued as an ERC20 token that matches the public blockchain Ethereum. Tokens are classified as utility tokens.

Mycro tokens are used and transferred in the Mycro ecosystem and the Mycro mobile app. Tokens can also be circulated outside the network and outside the circle of people listed in it. Every transaction that occurs in the ecosystem will involve MYO Tokens. Jumla tokens that are sold at token sales events are also limited. This was done to be able to maintain liquidity from the use of tokens.

Burning tokens is also possible to maintain liquidity. Token combustion is the process of permanently removing tokens from circulation, reducing total supply. This will create scarcity in the inventory of tokens. All tokens burns are recorded as transactions on the blockchain, meaning that they are 100% transparent and anyone can verify that the Token has been destroyed.

Mycro plans to steadily burn tokens through the use of smart contract functions known as fuel functions. From each transaction of each prize pool, the percentage of MYO tokens will be burned up to 50,000,000 MYO finally destroyed, which represents 50% of the total MYO ever issued (100,000,000 MYO). High activity in the ecosystem automatically leads to a reduction in the supply of tokens.

Organizing Sales of MYO Tokens

Sales of MYO tokens are carried out in several stages. It consists of Private Sale and public sale. In the Private Sale of 11,000,000 Mycro Tokens (MYO) were provided to strategic partners and buyers tokens with the long term for value project. That only spends a few percents of the total tokens sold.

At the Public Sale, the number of tokens sold is 40,000,000 Mycro Tokens (MYO). It will be divided into four different stages. All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the token sale. All amounts in this section are presented without tax, such as VAT. The price we publish on the website will be relevant for any sale.

The total Token is 100,000,000 which will be divided into several distributions including IEO Sale, Private Sale, Ecosystem fund, reward pool, company reserve, team & founders, bonus & advisors, and bounty programs. From the sale of tokens, it will be distributed for several things such as marketing, development technology & payroll, banking & crypto, and legal, consulting & administration.

The Use Of KYC Concept

Know your customer (KYC) is a system used for mandatory identification checks for customers to prevent money laundering. The purpose of KYC use is to combat money laundering, criminal activity, white collar crime, and terrorism, minimum international standards for identifying new customers have been made. Every token buyer must go through the KYC process before buying Mycro tokens, besides registering on the Mycro dashboard.

The system is also equipped with IDnow service providers who will check the token buyer identity documents through the mobile application. This process is straightforward and requires only a few moments, so it does not disturb the convenience of the transaction.

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Let ‘s See The Crypto Market Ads Mission Platform That Comes To Solve Advertising and Marketing Problems with Blockchain Technology

Digitalization leads to changes in assets and user transaction styles with the use of the internet. It is supported by global access so that service providers can have users from anywhere in the world. The asset transition was driven by the use of digital platforms with cryptocurrency. Besides, increasing utilization of blockchain technology makes every user have to have digital assets.

A globally accessible platform is also vulnerable to crime because the threat comes from all over the world. A safe system is needed so that users can trust the ecosystem by placing assets owned. The use of digital platforms is intended to provide the best service to users with various backgrounds, such as transaction speed and security. That can all be done by utilizing blockchain technology.

The use of blockchain technology can overcome problems related to data security threats and transactions with block storage systems in the cloud. That can be done by limiting automatic access by the system to unauthorized parties. The use of this technology has been carried out by various platforms to create a secure ecosystem. Crypto Market Ads also utilizes blockchain technology in the advertising and marketing market to create a productive ecosystem.

Crypto Market Ads developers are aware of an excellent response to digital advertising and marketing. The problem that is present to date is the existence of scamming and fraud that threatens the convenience of user assets. Not a few advertisers are disappointed by irresponsible agencies. Some agencies that do not publish advertisements for services that have been offered by advertisers are also one of the disadvantages.

Besides, advertisers need space to interact directly with the publisher. In the issuance of services, there are often problems and constraints that need to be resolved so that interactions between interested parties are required. Crypto Market Ads is presented as a solution for advertising and digital marketing with blockchain technology. Every transaction can be ensured to be safe and comfortable. A trusted platform is nowhere to meet your needs.

Crypto Market Ads is built on blockchain technology to provide the best solutions to the advertising and marketing market with a decentralized concept. The security of the ecosystem will be guaranteed to reduce fraud. Direct interaction may also be carried out by advertisers and publishers in the discussion room so that it will improve the quality of the content created and by the wishes of the advertiser.

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What is Crypto Market Ads Mission to Advertising and Marketing Crypto Market?

CMA has a vision by imagining the transformation of markets around the world by starting with the crypto ad market, related marketing, and service markets. CMA will make a natural entry point to the crypto market for every new online / office market that exists as a new crypto project. This will increase the overall adoption of blockchain technology for exchanges and other businesses.

Our mission with CMA is to create a safe, fast, and easy to use Blockchain for goods and services. That will all be done through decentralized applications (dApps) to allow any market to run their ICO or crypto projects on the Blockchain smoothly. Each user can take advantage of the platform in their hands.

The concept offered by CMA will allow sellers to syndicate their data to the market network. This will also give people new market decentralization powers and freedom from existing authorities by using cryptocurrency and smart contracts. The system will facilitate transactions and reduce the potential for fraud. Systems with blockchain technology will be completely transparent.

The features offered on Crypto Market Ads will help advocates and publishers to earn income through transactions. Advertisers can get products for advertising and marketing through a trusted platform. Besides, the publisher will also receive payment for services carried out through CMA tokens after the order is complete. That will help accelerate exchange through a trusted platform.


Advertising Market Volume and ICO CMA Marketing

The market response to the implementation of blockchain technology for the advertising and marketing market is excellent. Market development is also very rapid, so the transformation is needed for healthier transactions. It can be seen from the total number of ICOs that continue to increase each year. The enthusiasm of global users is outstanding to welcome the market with the adoption of blockchain technology.

The total ICO in 2016 was only 51, but grew by almost 800% in 2017, resulting in a total of 456 ICOs. There is a further increase of around 100% from 2017 to 2018, resulting in 892 ICO until October 2018. If this pattern applies, we can estimate there are around 1,800-2,000 ICO in 2019, 3,600-4,000 in 2020 and 7,200-8,000 in 2021.

The average cost of marketing ICO in 2017 is around $ 100,000, and it increases to more than $ 200,000 in 2018. Along with the growth of the ICO market, this statistic also represents 100% growth from 2017 to 2018. If each marketing cost multiplies double, the average ICO expenditure for marketing will increase to $ 400,000 by 2019, $ 800,000 in 2020 and $ 1,600,000 in 2021.

The total average volume of the ICO ad market is around $ 2.55 Million in 2016, $ 45.6 Million in 2017, and $ 178.4 Million as of October 2018. And given the trend of increasing the number of ICO and expenditure per ICO every year, we can calculate the expected market volume in the coming years; $ 800 Million in 2019, $ 3.2 Billion in 2020 and $ 12.8 Billion in 2021.


Utilization of CMA Tokens on Ecosystems

Crypto Market Ads uses blockchain technology to transact. That means the platform requires the use of cryptocurrency in exchange. CMA Tokens will be a medium of exchange. When you need services in the ecosystem, you need to have tokens to be able to transact. You can participate in ICO or IEO to get tokens at affordable prices.

CMA will act as a utility token on the ecosystem. That will also be the only payment that can be made to the ecosystem. The publisher will also receive payments in the form of CMA tokens when the order is processed. Utilization of tokens is also a secure and fast payment medium so that it can help transactions be completed quickly.

Apart from being the only payment option available, CMA tokens also help users to gain access to unique services. This will be used by advertisers to pay for advertisements and services contained in the ecosystem. Advertisers can easily have tokens by participating in token sales. The steps and details of purchasing tokens can be done through a web page by entering an email address.


How is the CMA Marketing Strategy to Encourage Transformation of Advertising and Marketing Services?

Starting with the ICO, the CMA market will utilize various marketing channels. Publishers will be attracted to the CMA market using referral programs, direct marketing, and advertising, and then incentivized through a unique reward program to sell advertising, marketing, and related services to the CMA market as the sole advertiser until the end of the ICO or when a hard hat is reached.

This will help publishers learn how the CMA market works and get their first CMA tokens. Besides, while at ICO, the CMA market will get attention from the crypto market, which will attract advertisers and other contributors who want to contribute to the ICO by buying cheaper tokens before the ICO. Early advertisers will be able to use their tokens after the end of the ICO CMA marketplace, generating the first client for the publisher.

After ICO, CMA will continue to buy advertisements and services from its publishers. This will help maximize market penetration. Besides, the referral program will be activated as long as the CMA market grows. CMA ICO funds allocated for marketing will be used for direct marketing, top advertising on the crypto site, and other marketing campaigns to attract new advertisers and publishers.

The Crypto Market Ads market will focus on the crypto market in global English. In terms of achieving the ICO hard cap, there will be an expansion to Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan because there are high demand and the adoption of blockchain technology in these countries. These countries will also play an essential role in the development of CMA and the adoption of new Blockchain for markets, decentralized market builders, and ICO platforms for the market.


How to Create The Convenience Place To Advertisers and Publishers?

The Crypto Market Ads marketplace ecosystem currently consists of Publishers, Advertisers, and Exchange. Publishers are advertising, marketing, and other related services. Advertisers are companies or individuals who buy advertising, marketing, and other associated services. Exchange is needed for liquidity, allowing the issuer to sell the CMA tokens obtained.

Purchases for self-promotion and advertisers to buy for use in the CMA market can also be made to increase liquidity. Based on high market demand for crypto advertising and marketing, a significant exchange is needed that will maintain a high volume of purchase orders. Besides, they will allow publishers to convert CMA tokens to other cryptocurrencies if required.

The CMA market plays a role in the ecosystem and generates up to 10% of the cost of the publisher’s income. Initial publishers have the opportunity to reduce costs to zero for one year or lifetime if at least 3+ ETH (Ethereum) in contributions is made when CMA is in the pre-ICO and ICO stages. Besides, after ICO, it is possible to reduce costs by up to 5% using the CMA lock-up function. It is important to note here that after achieving the ICO hard cap, the CMA ecosystem can evolve to integrate the new Blockchain for the market, build market decentralization and ICO platforms for the market.


The Internet of Goods and Services in Crypto Market Ads Ecosystem

At present, manufacturers or service providers, both goods and services need to work very hard to get products or services to the market. Sale of their goods and services through different intermediaries, such as retailers. The supply chain is very long and creates unnecessary costs that can be avoided if the Blockchain is used to replace this intermediary.

Unexpected costs can be unavoidable when sales must go through several retailers. Free prices can make the service not desirable because the budget owned by the advertiser is insufficient. On the other hand, it will build the advertiser’s mindset that advertising and marketing are expensive, so they might look for other alternatives to do promotions.

There is a need for goods producers and service providers to enter instant syndication into the market. This can be done through blockchain goods and services. Such a blockchain will include information about the seller, such as the reputation obtained, products, services, service history, and so on. This will result in rapid growth and liquidity.

This can be achieved through blockchain goods and services connected to the market network. This market requires quick access to products and services to be sold to their customers. Such a blockchain will eliminate this concern and make this market free to focus solely on marketing to benefit them.

The market must develop into a peer-to-peer network that is true with real trust, transparency, guaranteed payments, lower prices, and decentralization. Blockchain can provide market customers with an independence from third parties, so there is only peer-to-peer interaction.

Besides, it can be direct payments at low costs, fast payment processing times, tracking of all transactions on the Blockchain. It also brings the high levels of security, smart public contracts to prevent fraud, interaction with seller-buyer rules, 100% online availability, privacy, agreements smart contracts that cannot be solved, possible escrow, decentralized hosting of files, low prices, time-keeping and irreversible transaction verification, availability worldwide and more.

Immediately Participate In The Crypto Ad Market Platform With Blockchain Technology

The update of the crypto market project will be available on June 10, 2019 (Crypto Market Ads Update —  IEO on from June 17. til 18.), due to idax adjustments to the CMA pre-sale. You can make your participation in a very successful marketing service in a short time. Crypto Market Ads comes with Blockchain specifically for the goods and services internet market, the development of a decentralized marketplace with a drag & drop system, and the ICO platform for the collection of marketplace funds. You can get complete info through the official website.

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All about Token Rento and Its Transaction Workflow

Technology from year to year is increasingly experiencing unlimited growth. Many parties are in droves to innovate on the existing technologies to get new formulas which later be used to make other tools or application that can be useful for humans. It certainly gives a signal for human because almost in every activity that they do will have at least one modern tools application to make it easier.


One purpose of the presence of technology in human life is to make it easy for humans to carry out all their life activities. Technology gives the impression that everything that humans do, can save time, space and money. It also can help increase human’s productivity from before because they can transfer the time, space, and money that they have, to do other things so that all of their tasks can be completed.


The technology that currently has a positive effect on human life is the blockchain technology. Blockchain, which is a decentralized database system, has been adopted by many platforms to run the industries they want to build. Rento, which is a sharing economy industry, has adopted this blockchain technology to develop its platform. The reason why the blockchain was chosen as the system used for the Rento platform is because of its transparency and openness so that it can be accessed by anyone connected to the internet.


Rento is a sharing economy platform that will help you find the goods, products, or services that you want without having to pay more. You do not need to buy items that are only temporarily used because Rento provides goods, product, or service rental facilities. Rento will rent items that are less useful or not used, to other people who need these items. Besides, being able to help those in need, items that were previously less useful can be reused according to their functions.


Before using the Rento platform, of course, you have to know how Rento workflows and what benefits you will get. In the article below, you will know how to register Rento to the benefits that you will get after joining Rento.

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Rento Transaction Workflow


Rento has a goal to create a sharing economy ecosystem that can connect goods, products, or assets that are underutilized or unused with the people who need these items. Those who need do not need to buy goods and can choose to rent. This can also reduce the expenditure of each person to buy goods that are only temporary to use. Rento wants to provide innovation to the existing industries through the first sharing economy that is ready to build success in the hospitality and transportation industry.

Rento targets smartphone users who want the ease and speed of renting goods with just one click and the request will be processed immediately. If you are interested in using the Rento platform as owners listing, you need to pay attention to the following transaction workflow from Rento so that later you will not be confused. Likewise, those of you who are interested in using Rento to borrow goods, below will also be presented with steps to rent a product or service.

1. Register your product or service for rent

u  The first step you have to do is download the Rento application on your smartphone. You can get a link to download on Rento’s official website,

u  The next step, after downloading, you can register your account. When it is finished, you can go to the Application

u  The third step, select the “Add offer” option

u  After that, you can make an offer by entering relevant information about your product or service. Such as product or service description, price, location, and specifications. Make sure no information is missed.

u  After making sure the information is complete, you can activate the listing. Your listing has entered the rental system.


2. Rent a product or service

u  The first step is after you create an account, you can log in to Rento Application.

u  Next, go to the search bar menu and search for the product or service you want to rent listed on the platform. If you want more specific search results, you can activate the filter and sorting feature so that the search results become more streamlined.

u  If you have found the product or service to be rented, read carefully the information available. If you feel right, you can contact the owner or listing agent of the desired services through the built-in chat.

3. Blockchain transaction smart contract

After the borrower contacts the listing owner and has reached an agreement, then both parties can proceed to the next stage, namely making a smart contract. A Smart contract is made to be able to make the transaction and only with a one-click function.

u  The listing owner will provide transaction details through the Rento intuitive interface. The details that will be received by the borrower include the price, the rental period, the security deposit, and the currency received.

u  The user agrees with all the conditions specified. After that, the borrower can make a deposit that will be returned after the transaction is completed.

u  After that, the smart contract will return the security deposit by deducting the rental fee. For example, if the deposit is $ 1000 and the rental fee is $ 200, then the amount returned is $ 800.

4. Direct Transaction

Direct transactions can be done if both parties have agreed to do so outside the Rento platform

u  Applications are used as a medium or place to find, rent, or provide the product or service needed

u  All transactions carried out expire outside the application with the agreement of both parties and agree to the terms of the transaction

u  Both parties determine which transactions will be carried out directly. Including types of payments whether bank transfers, cash payments, or other methods.


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Rento Tokens


If you talk about blockchain, it certainly will not be separated from the discussion of digital currencies used for transactions or cryptocurrency. Rento as an application that adopts the blockchain system, uses cryptocurrency in conducting product or service rental transactions.

In addition to the use of the blockchain system, Rento also applies smart contracts to leasing products or services through the Rento platform. The aim is for transparency of information and clear rental agreements. But on the other hand, it turns out that smart contracts can also be used to raise funds. It is what Rento uses to develop its rental or sharing economy platform. Smart contract technology allows people to issue tokens that can be used for fundraising. The funds generated will later be used for development, daily operations, marketing, and additional solutions on the Rento platform.

Rento provides Rento token purchases available on its official website. To be able to make a purchase, you must log in to the investor panel by clicking on the Investor Log in button in the upper right corner of the website. If you have entered the website, you will be asked to go through the KYC process from Rento. After that, you are asked to show some photos of your personal documents such as personal identification cards or passports and documents that prove the address where you live.

Unfortunately, there is no direct sale of tokens through smart contracts. The following are ways you can buy Rento tokens:

1. Choose the method of payment that is fiat or crypto

2. After that, select the crypto or fiat currency that you want to pay.

a. For fiat, you can use Euro, USD, and PLN

b. While for Krypto, you can use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Blackcoin, Dash,        Decreed, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Game Credits, Komodo,     NEO, PotCoin, Qtum, and Vertcoin.

3. After determining the currency to be paid, then send the transaction

4. Next, you can draw the token to the external wallet


Rento uses the KYC / AML protocol for their platforms and at the Token Sale event. If you want to participate in Rento Token Sale events, investors must complete KYC by providing details of government-issued identities. Like a passport or proof that is listed as a valid address. Although investors can buy Rento Tokens without completing KYC, tokens cannot be withdrawn until they complete KYC. Later, Rento will also work with AML agents to ensure that participants are verified and are eligible to participate in the Token Sale event.


If you intend to do business diligently on this Rento platform, buying tokens are the right choice because there are a number of benefits that are obtained for Rento token holders. The benefit that you can receive is that you will get the lowest price for Rento tokens that can be used as a fee on RentoBlockchain. In addition, it will be easier for ICO participants to become Rento Model Store franchise owners. This is suitable for those of you who want to be part of the Rento franchise. Another benefit is a cheap deposit to participate in the Rento Model Store franchise.


The benefits obtained are not only beneficial for users who are interested in franchising. There are other benefits which are the most important thing for the sustainability of the sharing economy. It is to help the growth of the sharing economy. You will also be a rentoshare holder after Rento accepts the license. And finally, after issuing security tokens, shareholders will get dividends from the company’s profits.


After the description of the benefits of the Rento token holder, the following are tokens that will be available for purchase. There are four stages of buying Rento tokens, the entire stage of which is from October 16, 2018, in the first phase to February 28, 2019, which is the last day of the fourth stage. In case you missed it, at this time you can participate in purchasing in the fourth stage that took place on February 1st, 2019 until February 28th, 2019 at a price of $ 0.12. The available tokens to be sold are 105,600,000 RTOs


Rento tokens are initially based on ERC 20. The company plans to transfer Rento to the PoA Blockchain and all transactions that occur on the Rento platform will be based on the smart contract. It also allows all transactions to use all currencies, namely Krypto and fiat and fees for smart contracts can only be paid in Rento Tokens.


One of the benefits of Rento token holders is the possibility to become RentoShare holders once Rento gets the license. But besides that, Rento also wants to issue shares to Rento companies so that everyone who has invested in Rentoshares will receive dividends and can also channel their opinions for the progress and development of the company. However, RentoShares purchases are possible only for Rento Token holders. This is due to their privileged conditions to become shareholders.


For the initial establishment of Rento sharing platforms, here are details of the token distribution and distribution of funds carried out by Rento:


Token distribution

Tokens sold                                                     : 264,000,000

Owner’s Token                                                : 305,000,000

Token for Bounty                                : 6,000,000

Team and Advisory Tokens     : 25,000,000


Fund Distribution

Application Development                   : $ 4 784 500.00

Team and office                                              : $ 6 863 500.00

Marketing                                                       : $ 6 445 000.00

License                                                            : $ 160,000

Assets                                                              : $ 1 547 000


If you are interested in participating in a token sale event organized by Rento, Rento recommends the My Ether Wallet and eBit system as Rento recipients. It should be noted that Rento is a token that is compatible with ERC20. It means that participants can use other wallets that are compatible with ERC20. Among them are Trust, Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Metamask, Coinomi, Partity, and Mist.


The Rento platform will go through various stages before finally entering the cryptocurrency market. The first stage is the phase of the token sale event which has four stages, carried out from October 16th, 2018 to the last phase, which will be on February 28th, 2019. Subsequently, the application will be launched in December 2018 and June 2019, for example, the rental will be launched. Then one month later, Rento will release Rento blockchain and in the third quarter, Rentocoin will enter the cryptocurrency market.


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Experiencing Online Shopping With Dealjoy

Shopping won’t stop, and it was just getting better. From the humble stall to the great department store, to the online shop, those shopping infrastructure has been evolved for years and keep evolving along with the need of the people. The concept of the online shop has been around quite some time; even the establishment has been more modern to the recent years. We can see big companies related to the online shop keep popping up, with the almost infinite number of wares from many different brands that are being hunted down with the loyal customer of that particular online shop. The trends of online shopping have been skyrocketing in the recent years, and it will keep rising as the tech and several improvements have been made to make the online shop better. Millennial nowadays finally will never feel the hardship of the traditional shopping behavior anymore since it has been left behind as the world keeps progressing forward.

It is evident that online shopping is more preferred compared to the conventional shopping since the online shopping is much more convenient. There are a lot of things such as the cash back, the massive variety of stuff, the brands, and more importantly, the access that everyone can have. You will never run out of any option in the online shop since it is compiled with so many merchants and smaller online shop that sales their wares in the platform. Therefore there are already thousand even millions of merchant out there selling different wares in the different platform. That is why the online shop is very active since they have a massive amount of wares, but they don’t need the enormous building to keep those wares inside. It is also very convenient for shopping via online as you need to swipe down your fingers and you can have the most significant goods that you want. There is a common saying nowadays to explain the addiction in shopping online, which says “once you go online, you will never return to offline”

But even the online shop has been improved and loved by the people; there is still quite some issue behind the online shop, which are:

  1. Data selling

When it comes to the big data, the online shop is the best place to gather it. The online shop has the pattern of shopping for every people that shop inside the platform, and therefore it would be straightforward to track them down and then sell the data to the highest bidder. This form of business has been denounced and resulted in the public outcry as it happens in the big social media company that has been sued due to illegal data selling. This practice needs to be stopped since it is very unethical and breach the people’s privacy. The platform needs to stop profiling their customer, tracking their shopping behavior and selling it to the outside party so that they can gain even more money.

  1. Misinformation and over claim

The goods that are existed In the online shop is various, and the only way you know how to determine the quality of the products is to read the description and to see the pictures. But words and pictures can be very deceiving, and therefore there are several merchants that merely over claim their products to attract more people into purchasing their wares. This fraud practice is what makes the online shop has a trust issue since the people cannot determine what kind of goods that are being sold, and what kind of quality that they have. As long as this practice continues, there will always be the public outcry that demands the online shop to be more trustworthy and reliable.

  1. Cashback withdrawal

This is what makes the online shop and the general shop different,  as the online shop offers the cash back that can be used in the further purchase. The cash back itself is the amount of money that can be accumulated by the people and can be used to purchase stuff. The idea of getting the reward for the shopping spree is too much to be resisted by the people nowadays, and therefore the online shop will always be favored compared to the conventional shop. But there is one slight problem concerning this mechanism, which is the withdrawal of the cash back is often takes a very long time and very time-consuming. The cash back is usually followed by several limiters such as the minimum amount of money being spent on a customer to get their cash back and so forth.

  1. Rigid transaction

In the dawn of the technological wonders, there are a lot of possibilities and the new way of life being introduced to the society. One of the greatest wonders of them is the banking services and the ATM transaction which enables the people to pay for their debt or transaction without even moving a step. But when it comes to the online shop, we want more than the ATM transaction as they are already obsolete and the world is ready for another solution, which is the online banking storage. The people want to have their money inside a particular online shop platform so that they don’t have to open their mobile app or walk manually to the ATM to pay for their transaction. This decentralized way of paying is being developed and will be soon out shortly.

The online shopping experience is lovely and simple, as you can have your stuff from the swipe of your fingers, and you can choose what kind of goods that you want with ease as you don’t need to stand and carry the goods for the hour. There is merely the online cart which will enable you to do some multi-transaction that can make you purchase multiple items at once. Those are the online shop for your, and that world will keep getting improved, with the introduction of the blockchain events.

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Improving Your Online Shop Experience With Dealjoy

We understand that there is a lot of ways to improve the experience of online shopping with several solutions, and one of them using the blockchain system. The blockchain system itself is just very recently emerged and thus created new possibilities for the current ecosystem that already exists, whether to disrupt it or to make it even better. Dealjoy is the kind of platform that will make your online shopping experience gets better since it will make two of the most important features of the shop., which are the transaction and the cash back getting better as well. The cashback is the main reason why so many people favored the online shop nowadays, and the transaction will make the online shopping experience gets better since it can be faster. The transaction will be decentralized as the blockchain goes on, and therefore you can Imagine how convenient it is to have that blockchain system under your shopping spree behavior.

Several features are brought by the platform which will increase the experience of the online shoppers; there are several features of the platform dealjoy.

  1. No data selling

As we have mentioned above, the data selling is one of the most outrageous and heinous stuff that can be found in the big social media or online shop platform. But there is one optimization that will make your shopping experience better, which are the deal feed. The deal feeds work just similar to the tracking device, but the main difference is, the tracking device is used by the people and later will be sold to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, the deal feed is using the algorithm to be tracked by the platform so that the user will be shown the goods that they recently bought. It works just like the auto-suggestion in the google,  and you can neglect that entirely as you can search the new goods for you to buy. The deal feed is there to make sure that you already have the best products that you can have on the platform that you chooses.

  1. Instant and unrestrained cashback withdrawal

The cashback, as we have mentioned above is one of the most influential in the term of online shopping, as we can see it as the icon of the online shop itself. And we do have mentioned that the cashback mechanism has several restrictions that ultimately reduces the experience of the user so that it needs to be further optimized. The cashback mechanism in the dealjoy will be instant and without any minimum amount of purchase in the platform, unlike any other platform is. Removing the limiter for gaining the cashback will encourage the shopper to shop more and ultimately makes the ecosystem getting better.

  1. Multi-platform transaction

As we have mentioned above, the more platform is involved in the transaction, the better since the people can have the option in the term of the transaction itself. The case of dealjoy is slightly different as this platform will be able to store your money so that you don’t have to worry about going to ATM to conduct the transaction. You can easily store some money in the platform and later use the money to pay directly to the merchant that you choose to purchase the goods. This way, the transaction will be way more straightforward and faster, and it will further encourage the world and the ecosystem of the online shop.

  1. Dealshop

What is more rewarding for the user or the customer when applying this platform for their shopping behavior is the deal token. The dealership is one particular shop that is located on the platform that receives the usage of the token as the form of payment and making it more convenient for the user to pay for the goods.

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The ICO and deal token

The blockchain platform will always be followed by the token, and so do this dealjoy platform as they issued their token which is called by a deal token. The token will be worth compared to the ETH is, 40 thousand deal token per one ETH, even the value is not fixated as the time goes. The usage of the token will be for two things. For the first is the cashback that will be received by the user as they conduct the transaction inside the platform, and therefore the token can be used for more shopping spree in the deal shop.  You can accumulate your token safely in the wallet and then used when the times it comes. The second usage of the token is to upgrade your account into a premium account or to be called as dealjoy plus. The dealjoy plus will have a very distinct features which are different from the regular dealjoy account, which is the access that can be accessed, and the amount of the token received per cashback, the dealjoy premium will yield more token for the cashback, and the access for the platform to the dealjoy plus will be unrestricted. To put it just, it is very beneficial for the people to upgrade their account into the dealjoy plus.

And as for the token sale, there is three kind of sale that is recognized by the platform, which are the seed or the private sale, the pre-sale, and the latest is the public sale. But unfortunately, there is no information concerning their sale in either the website and the whitepaper as they launch the estimation for sale, which is at the end of 2018. The total token supply is about 1.4 billion token, where 70% or the 980 million token will be used for the sale, and the rest of the token will be distributed evenly to the several factors such as the developer team, the marketing team, board of advisors and so forth.  And as always, there is the vestment process where the token cannot be exchanged to the fiat currencies in the vestment period, which is ranging from 2 to 3 years.

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