ISKRA is the innovative blockchain token that allows you to do investment while also supporting the children in the world. Learn more about the ISKRA blockchain token in this article.

Blockchain technology is the advanced innovation that changing the world economic landscape today, ISKRA is the one of  blockchain that offers the smart investment way and place to secure your capital with safety by the value of the diamond and high advanced blockchain system. The ISKRA also well known as the Crypto Coin of Hope that allow the investor to contribute to helping the foundation that has purposed to helping children by acquiring the medical equipment and medicine to health facilities like hospital, clinic, nursing home, surgical centre that worked to give the health treatment to the children all over the world. Let’s check out this article information to know more about ISKRA blockchain token.

The Overview of ISKRA Blockchain Token and How to Get Them

ISKRA blockchain is synchronized with the Lucem Fund that is the decentralized fund that exists to help children that use the project to distribute medicine and medical equipment for child health facilities that give health treatment to the children. You can buy it with min recommendation 0,2 eth, 10 gwei and 121.000 gas, eventually, 1 ISKRA token is value 0,004 eth that equal with 1 $ that you can buy and token jar with the wallet such as Meta Mask, Guarda, and My Crypto. Explore more about the ISKRA blockchain in the information down below

The Highlight of ISKRA Blockchain Token

  1. ISKRA Blockchain Fund System

The ISKRA Blockchain fund started with the limited number of token for around 300,000,000 that called as “the bing bang” and 50,000,000 of it will use for the fund. Theses base resource will be used to help children project in accordance with the ISKRA Blockchain investor community approvement. The honourableperson that join this community of ISKRA Blockchain investor can also submit project proposal related to helping the children to the lucem fund. After all the project has been submitted and presented by lucem fund, the public will vote which project that will be carried out and what amount of resource that implemented in this project.

After the voting process is done and has the final selected project the fund will be transferred into the project fund wallet. In the project execution, the team of expert from the lucem fund will conduct the auditing process and will provide all ISKRA public with the documentation. The documentation includes the project implementation, project cost, shipping fees, purchase cost, customs fees, installation, storage, custom fees, freight expenses, and other taxes or operational cost. This work will be done by the Lucem Fund Team without using the funding resources.

  1. ISKRA Blockchain Work Mechanism

The ISKRA blockchain has a systematic working mechanism known as ICO v3.0  which means every project related to this cryptocurrency must set 10% of the token or the toke to be transferred into the social program.  Everyone that invest and cooperate with ISKRA  blockchain can exchange its Ethereumblockchain to the diamond in the common jewellery store. Furthermore, if anyone who wants to have a diamond of any variation of size, shape and quality the diamond that already invested in this blockchain, the value will automatically be calculated and transferred to help the children without spending a little money.

This working mechanism can also be described like this if the creator of any blockchain system platform had founded their owned social foundation and the user transferred $500.000 token to its blockchain.It will have value to the fund for social foundation program for around $3.1 billion. It can be said that the ISKRA blockchain is the best medium to change our society for developing entire the world with social accountability.

  1. ISKRA Token Value

ISKRA token will be used EthereumBlockchain System with the type of ERC-20 standard that has the base value 0,004 etc for 1 ISKRA token and 0,004 eth is equal to 1 $. ISKRA token is release with the value that backed up with the real diamond like everyone knows the diamond price has the characteristic as the stable currency guarantor that resistant to the economic disaster rather than gold. ISKRA diamond value is based on International Rapaport price list and it has the GIA certificate to prove its authenticity

The ISKRA blockchain system cooperates with the notable diamond firm and store. It can happen because with this blockchain system we promote and advertise their store with the potential customer between 100,000 to 300,000,000  which are the user of the ISKRA platform in project launch moment. Furthermore, in the currency initial stage, this platform will redeem the ISKRA token from the store with real money which protects the company and store.

  1. ISKRA Voting Process

ISKRA token is not the shares however it considered as the voice in a public non-profit organization called lucem fund that become the medium to keep the fund and implemented to the selected project. Everyone that notable as the investor of the ISKRA can participate to the project voting process with the token fee charge and anyone who proposes the project to the voting process will be charged with small amount of ISKRA token as the contract. The voting process will run to vote the project presented by the lucem fund and the project which has the most votes it will be implemented by the Lucem Fund. The lucem fund will be transferred all the fund that comes from the token value to the project wallet fund as the resource to do the project and in this voting process, you will have the same opportunity also no financial advantage with other participants in your voting voice.

Token Distribution Value

The ISKRA is the blockchain system that not only offers beneficial investment and safekeeping capital but also the bargain precondition to joining Lucem Fund and its program. Each ISRA token that invests will have twice value from the base and will have portion distribution which includes Pre Token 10%, Private token and Bounty 9%, developer and diamond insurance 21%, blockchain developer 80 %, diamond insurance 20% and 60%. Every participant that taking part trading in ISKRA will be able to return of the ISKRA toke and receive the refund(the value is reduced with eth gas, card fees, and other costs)  in 14 days period after investing to the token.

Partnership and Project Sample

The ISKRA blockchain system is connected with the LUCEM Fund Foundation that has the primary focus to helping the children to purchase and deliver the medicine and medical equipment and medicine to the health facilities that treat children in the entire world. The foundation uses the ISKRA token value as the medium to get resource for the fund inefficient way. Because ISKRA token value is back up by the diamond, of course, the ISKRA blockchain system also cooperates with the diamond manufacturer and retailer Dianoche. Dianoche it self is a diamond jewellery retailer and manufacturer company that legally registered in Singapore that has a good reputation for selling many world-class diamonds and diamond jewellery.

The ISKRA also cooperate with the cryptocurrency exchange sites called the Token Jar to maximize its blockchain toke services. The token jar is the well-known decentralized Ethereum Token exchange site that using 0x protocol with maximum safety and speed in their service. The Lucem Fund that connected with the ISKRA blockchain system already presented and execute for around 20 projects in 12 towns and 6 countries with the total coverage of the children 1.562.000 in framed of 163.515 votes, 1.995.000 ISKRA token and $1.895.000. Recently there are two project that still in the implementation process which is the Project 21 that create by Dr.Babinko V. in Regional Children Clinical Hospital Odessa Ukraine that have status working with total ISKRA token 48.000($ 48.000) and project 22 created by the Meet Patricia in Hospital Regional de Cusco Peru with total in ISKRA 128.000($128.000).

The Benefit of ISKRA Token

The ISKRA is the blockchain system with high blockchain technology and has the smart contracts that make them one of the most reliable, safest and secure digital currencies of the future. Its allow the buyer to make the request and get the desired result, responses and price want in simple 3 clicks without obtrusive smart advertising. The ISKRA also have the good financial and investment base because the value is backed up with the diamond which has a stable state. The ISKRA blockchain token also the best medium for you to donate the fund to the children with the safe containment and trusted implementation with the precise detail also documentation in all aspect project execution.

ISKRA blockchain token is the ideal investment opportunity you can take because it will give your capital with the strong diamond value with pure price without broker or middleman that will save you between 10 to 50 %. You can buy and check the pre-token in the ISKRA token smart contract address  before 4th June 2019 or before the blockchain token reach goal at 10.000 ETH and also you can join the bounty campaign that manages by the bubbalex media start in 4th June to 29th July to get a free token with the specific term and condition. Always check your coin maker ISKRA(CCOH) and contract number before or after you buy it, for further information you can visit the official website of ISKRA coin, Lucem Fund, and ANN Thread also read the white paper to get more better understanding.

ANN Thread:

LucemFund  Official Website:

ISKRA Official Website:

ISKRA White Paper:

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