Fascinating HP Wireless Printer to Make Your Life Easier

If you feel bored at work, you could replace your current printer with this amazing HP wireless printer. Obviously, not only your mood will be better but your productivity will increase as well. Just from first look, this HP wireless direct product looks very reliable for everyday’s work. This wireless printer will be perfect for both students and office workers. For students, this printer will help them to get better score for hhomework. Now, students could print their school materials directly from smartphone. Certainly, this method will help students to get better achievements as well.

So, you need to know what you will get from this HP wireless printer. Even though people now live in modern era, they still cannot have paperless works. Absolutely, modern printer to support that need is highly needed by people. The HP printer will offers wonderful performance with save-earth mode. You will find this gorgeous printer to be environmental-friendly so you don’t have to worry about any negative sides. The HP printer will save a lot of ink cost as well since it could manage to use inks as economical as possible. You will be surprised on how much money will be saved by using this product.

If you have at medium to large office, you could suggest to the logistic team to purchase HP Pagewide Pro 577DW. This printer surely will make everybody at your office feels happier. Just by installing free HP wireless printer app, this product will works really well. The printer could be used for multiple purposes: copy, scan, print, or even fax. So, you don’t have to use that gigantic and noisy copy machine when you need to copy some files. This printer could be placed on medium table so everybody could use it more easily.

Besides, this HP wireless printer comes with very elegant design to match minimalist office looks. Certainly, the printer will makes your office looks more modern and clean as well. Based on survey, eight from ten people will recommend this printer for everybody. The printer proves to be helpful during so many workloads at office. Even though it being used non-stop, this HP printer still could performs well. Its 4 cartridges really work well together.

You don’t have to worry about its maintenance as well because this printer has long durability.  After using it at office, you must be thrilled to have the same printer at your home! Absolutely, this HP wireless printer will give so many helps at home too.


Asus Transformer Mini T102HA Small Choice for Smart People

Asus is well-known as the producer of gaming laptop. They have specific branch of company that developing gaming laptop. One of the most popular is Asus Rog Series. Success with that market, now, Asus expand their market into two-in one laptop that is very popular today. Some brands from many manufacturers are accelerating in this marketplace, such as Samsung, HP, Lenovo, and Dell. Asus with their new product named Asus Transformer Mini try to battle in that share market. What features they try to provide in this hybrid laptop? Let’s see what they want to show.

As usual, Asus laptop products run with Windows OS. In this two-in one laptop, they integrate with the latest Windows 10. The laptop is empowered by Intel Atom X5-Z8350 processor which is very strong in managing power (battery life) rather than exploding performance. That processor is integrated with the Intel HD graphic to perform best quality display on the screen. Asus Transformer Mini T102HA is perfect for the people who have high mobility in their daily activity. Once they charge the battery until full, it can still alive for all day long with non-stop usage.

The design of this Mini Transformer also support for high mobility person. It is very simple and easy portable. Everyone can use it as tablet or laptop depends on their need. It is so stylish with bright white color. Asus Transformer Mini also very slim and lightweight. 4GB SDRAM is powerful enough to accelerate the performance. User is able to do multi-task whether typing, browsing, and listening to music in the same time without lag.

They do not to worry about the connectivity because Asus Transformer Mini has some of them, such as Wi-Fi 801.11, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 port, micro USB, and many more. Some of Asus Transformer Mini T102HA reviews highlight the storage capacity brought by this hybrid laptop. They only have 64GB capacity of storage to save files and documents. But, with so many providers that offer cloud storage today, this weakness would not to be a terrible one.

So, what about the price of this laptop? This one is one of the best cheap laptops that recommended to buy. At Amazon store, the Asus Transformer Mini T102HA price is tagged $392.99. That price must be worth because the feature offered by Asus is so exciting. If you want a small and simple laptop without expecting too much on its performance, Asus T102HA will be the best choice.


Excellent Repair Computer Screen by Using Simple Way

Screen or monitor is one of important parts of computer which it can be repaired well by using simple way to repair computer screen. There are some steps that must be done before we open the screen. We must analyze carefully by observing computer monitor work. We have to know how the computers monitor work. The computer monitor uses digital value that is sent by the processor of the computer to create electron. The signals of the monitor are three primary colors. Monitor receives their signal from monitor cable.

We have to carefully to decide that the monitor of the computer get the trouble because sometimes the problem is not always on the computer monitor. We must understand about the problem happened such image cannot display or cannot be clear and bright on the screen.  That is why there are some strategies, guides and steps to repair computer monitor screen in order to be perfect. Check the electrical receptacle and electrical cord if the monitor cannot come on. Check the connection between monitor and CPU. In order to be perfect in our identification don’t forget to use multi meter or multi tester. Besides, screwdriver is also important in this case.

There are some steps that have to be followed before opening the monitor, disconnect computer monitor from electrical receptacle. Besides you have to disconnect computer monitor with the computer processor. Placed monitor on a padded place so it will make the monitor in a safe position and open the screws. Next you have to locate line fuse near the power cord entrance. You can remove fuse from the holder and then test it by using multi meter or multi tester.   Follow some instructions from the manufacturer for safety. It will be more prefects if we look at the video tube before practice it yourself.

To repair monitor of the computer need high concentration because there are many miniature circuits that are very sensitive which they will got the problem if we touch them reckless. On the other hand, flat monitor screen of the computer has very complex of circuit arrangement so it will be better if it is repaired by the technician. Flat screen monitor is connected to other devices using DP, DVI, HDMI and VGA so it will be better if we repair flat screen computer monitor to the technician so it will be more maximally in its action.


No Restart after Windows Update will Be Included in Update of Windows 10

Have you ever be frustrated when you do automatic Windows update and after that you must restart your computer to reuse it? It was happened to everyone, especially when they are doing something important like public presentation. I think the Microsoft side has heard our discomfort. In new update on Windows 10 that will be available in this March or April, Windows will eliminate the ‘restart feature’ when you have finished the update. It must be a major effect for a minor change.

All series of Windows, before Windows 10, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 require restart when the update has finish. It makes us discomfort especially when we are in rush of time to finish a work. According to the Windows blog, the update will came in this March or lately in April. They call for their new update with the name of “the creator update”. In the future, once you finish the update, the computer doesn’t need to be restarted. It means you can use your computer normally like before the update installed.

Microsoft will give three options before you do update that you must choose. Those three options are as follows “Restart now”, “Pick a time”, and “snooze”. The first option, “restart now”, means you will directly do the restart update. It is ideally done when you are in spare time. The Windows will deliver the update as soon as followed with restart and the update will be installing.

The second option is “pick a time”. This option let you choose what time you will restart the computer. I mean you can rule the time. This option is perfect to do when you are working with the computer and need some times to finish it. So, the update will run after your finish your work. The third or the last option is “Snooze”. It is more likely the “pick a time” option. The different is the time has been decided by Windows for up to three days. By this option you can delay the restart update until three days.

By this new feature in Windows 10 update, there is no more “sudden restart” when you want to update Windows. Unfortunately, this feature is only for Windows 10 users. If you are the users of previous Windows edition, you will not get that feature. So, for you that use Windows 10, prepare yourself to get new update from Window.