The Highlight of Serenity Blockchain Token Currency


Serenity has a blockchain system that encourages and facilitate the ecosystem of good access and organizes the energy. Explore more about the serenity blockchain token currency in this article.

It’s been a dream to the human to create a sustainable world. That every household can organically fit with renewable energy production, storage capabilities, and proportional access. That brings the goodness to our natural ecosystem and also shared economy monetizing to run the world. Because of that, serenity exists as a way to deal with the energy sector. Either from organizing, produce, and access the energy with the blockchain system. Serenity itself has a role in promoting sustainable living with energy, renewable energy production, transactive energy grid retail services. Serenity blockchain is notable for its energy host service that consists of energy retail, energy production, and utilize. The high advance of technology utilization HEPEK smart device, blockchain transaction scheme, carbon credit proof, affiliate licensing, and smart residential property sales.

Serenity provides a blockchain scheme that highlights many sides. Types of property promotion are those that live with energy, good energy access tools, renewable energy production, and supply maintenance. Energy channeling mechanisms for various consumption needs. The work scheme is related to the latest engineering and IoT (Internet of Things) construction. It is used to regulate records of renewable energy production, consumption, access to the blockchain, and a good contract design framework. Serenity is implemented the blockchain system to improve the potential of the energy sector by remodeling the interaction to the energy sector. The serenity blockchain token currency surely the interesting blockchain to try, explore more about this blockchain token in this article information.

The Complete Information of  Serenity Blockchain Token Currency

Serenity token focused on the renewable energy sector in their project that utilizing the power of blockchain system to make the smart energy organize the system. Monetization of the carbon credit, expanding the affiliate licensing, and developing net-zero estates. Serenity blockchain token exists as the fuel to the serenity blockchain system economy frame that facilitates access to the serenity platform that offering the global interoperability. The serenity has the mechanism of work by interacting within the energy sector embrace the energy commerce, energy sales, and alternative activities of energy shopping for on the serenity blockchain system platform.

The serenity blockchain system completed with the HEPEK smart device that has the functioned to give the accurate and conjointly summary of the blockchain energy production, distribution, and consumption. Serenity conjointly provides the elaborate distributed ledger framework which will give the proof of the serenity token quality possession and conjointly facilitate the energy market group action through. The good trusty contract to all serenity member that includes with the prosumers, shoppers, and operators. You can learn more about the serenity blockchain in the information down below.

Everything You Must Know About Serenity Blockchain Token Currency


  1. Serenity Business Model

The Serenity blockchain system has a business that focuses on renewable energy production and consumption through the concept of the distributed community. The serenity designed as the blockchain platform that covers up. The field like the energy retailer, energy generator, NET Zero estate developer, Sustainable residential developer an also serve the commercial facilities of the to the renewable energy production. The serenity business model will generate the revenue from the field of renewable energy production, energy retail services, carbon credit monetization, residential property sales, rental income, HEPEK smart device sales and lease, serenity platform of transaction processing fees, international affiliate licensing and interest on the capital backing ERGO token.

The blockchain technology and the smart contract tool will minimize the administrative cost and also automate the process. For around ten percent of the net profits will be used to funding pool to growth serenity blockchain system and its environment. Serenity will use the funding pool to fulfill specifical need such as the community growth, sustainable energy efficient estates, and renewable energy project.

  1. Energy Retail Services and Renewable Energy Production

There is two business in the serenity blockchain that related one another the company is the retail energy service. That serves as the energy market and renewable energy production as the energy generator. From the energy retail service market, it will charge the member or consumer. That use a wholesale electricity price and from the serenity retail services. The consumer can get cheaper electricity price compared to the existing retailer.

This can be one through access to the wholesale electricity market that has a real-time price and the automated blockchain technology that enable energy purchase in the microtransaction scheme. The surplus that generates in these services by selling renewable energy will use on the serenity pool. That can sell on the wholesale energy or carbon market, and also the ERGON and CARBON token will award each of the prosumer and generator. Serenity system will always try to match electricity demand with the help of newly acquired member fund and additional renewable energy production facilities.

Because of that, serenity focused on funding the project related to renewable energy production. That includes the solar, wind, and battery farm, furthermore it also consists of the resource from the rest of prosumers capabilities into the associated serenity generator installation. Serenity distributed energy resources will be using the feature of blockchain system and HEPEK device control synchronize the system and give a clear circulation of it. Serenity prosumers and generator will receive ERGON token. Serenity prosumers and generator, of course, will get awarded by receive ERGO token. The payment fee for renewable electricity source that exported into the energy grid and the carbon token that has a role as the reward for the lowering carbon emissions.

  1. Carbon Credit Monetization and Hepek Gateway Sales

The serenity system will give the serenity member to earn carbon token base on the specific criteria. That include the household green star ratings and amount of the renewable energy that produced. The carbon token will award to the member who accomplished that criteria and can redeem through serenity platform in the exchange of fiat. The serenity member also will get the certified carbon credits that can sell on the national or international carbon credit exchange market. That was the best possible fiat price, and all the carbon token that redeemed will be destroyed or taken out.

For the HEPEK gateway sales or lease is all about the HEPEK device that will be a part of the purchase lease agreement process. That exists between subscribers or other affiliated electricity retail businesses. The serenity HEPEK device will survive as the utility provider that has the role of the smart meter. That enables prepayment capabilities and can obtain the carbon token as the reward to its subscriber for the renewable energy production scheme. Serenity smart device has the feature of regulated utility providers that have the function to minimize debt exposure. This thing can do by utilizing the electricity prepayment method and AI algorithm that located inside the HEPEK device that will help the consumer to lower overall energy consumption.


  1. Serenity Bazzar and P2P Energy Trading Platform

The serenity bazaar and P2P Energy Trading Platform is the part of serenity blockchain system business that focused on the platform and market place. The P2P energy trading platform is the place that will allow its member involving into the same substation zone in the trade electricity measure on the production and demand circumstances. That includes the generator such as the commercial wind, solar and battery farm, and prosumer into one side of selling. Furthermore, the customer is allowed to biding over the token price that can produce renewable energy. Through the serenity system pool and serenity system also will charge small transaction fees in the process.

On the other side, serenity bazaar is the place that allows its member to trade of good and service through the serenity pool with the sam trading jurisdiction position. Serenity member can accept ERGON token as the payment of the good and services that exist in this market place and provide to the serenity pool member.ERGON token payment will be redeemable through the serenity platform in exchange for fiat.


  1. Serenity Renewable Energy Project

Serenity also will use the treasury pool from the serenity blockchain token currency to fund the development of the project. That related to renewable energy production include solar, wind, and battery farms. Serenity member will get the chance to contribute this development by doing the serenity redemption and mentioned the serenity token. That redeemed will be taken out from supply with the implementation of Contractionary Monetary Policy. The token burning will give the impact for the token velocity to increase its measurement. The generated renewable energy from this project will be sold on the energy market. The member who involved will be rewarded with the fractional programmable of revenue ownership and will receive the proportional revenue share from the energy sold.

For serenity member, it will only share the revenue, but not the title and execution of this project will be completely enforceable through the smart contract. The community worker will get guaranty reward that can fulfill given in the maturity time and under defined terms. The last for the serenity community; it means that it can develop infrastructure and generate more of the renewable energy source. Reduce the need to purchase in the additional electricity on the wholesale energy markets.

  1. Net Zero Residential Property

Serenity also has the business involved in the design and builds the residential development and the single dwellings by using the rapid building system as the perfect platform to build a passive effect home. The home will feature with the integrated solar panel, batteries and also HEPEK device like the hoes that will become the Net Zero dwellings mechanism the rapid building system. That uses this business defined as the holistic construction design. That confirms the set of the passive house. The construction is base on the design principle include the high energy performance windows, thermal insulation, mechanical ventilation heat recovery, airtightness, thermal bridge free installation, and integrated PV roof panels.

  1. International Affiliate Licensing

The serenity system is partnering with the other business that related to adopt and implement the serenity business mode and utilize the serenity blockchain technology. In the expansion plan of the serenity blockchain system, it will apply through the licensing affiliated business and partnership model. The successful candidate of the affiliate business and partnership model is conducted to able run energy retail business and stake the defined amount of the energy retail into the serenity token.

  1. Serenity Member

The serenity community contains the member that include the prosumers, generator, consumer, and the community worker that is well known as the fractional programmable revenue owners. To access the serenity system, the member needs to open the account of the serenity subject for the KYC verification process and deposit any amount of serenity token. This process is done through the security bond smart contract that has the price of the average monthly energy consumption. The holder of serenity will gain passive income stream that backed by the service of the real business and real assets like the carbon credit, energy, and Net Zero Property.

The serenity blockchain token currency is the best blockchain patron that help us organize with well from energy production into the energy access with the excellent circulation and detailed information.  The serenity offers it member with the various good service relating to energy access such as become the platform. That connecting the user with the local electricity operator, give the proportional measure of access and price to the electricity. Create the doable structural transition through the renewables and conjointly decentralization, and provide the active response and problem solving to the station electricity level once the access process started. All of the serenity members also can get pleasure in this token that includes the lower price of the electricity and conjointly. Get the most effective deal to supply and export the energy into their need or energy market. If you want to try out this blockchain system, we suggest you visit this link below to know more information about the serenity blockchain system.

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