Experiencing Online Shopping With Dealjoy

Shopping won’t stop, and it was just getting better. From the humble stall to the great department store, to the online shop, those shopping infrastructure has been evolved for years and keep evolving along with the need of the people. The concept of the online shop has been around quite some time; even the establishment has been more modern to the recent years. We can see big companies related to the online shop keep popping up, with the almost infinite number of wares from many different brands that are being hunted down with the loyal customer of that particular online shop. The trends of online shopping have been skyrocketing in the recent years, and it will keep rising as the tech and several improvements have been made to make the online shop better. Millennial nowadays finally will never feel the hardship of the traditional shopping behavior anymore since it has been left behind as the world keeps progressing forward.

It is evident that online shopping is more preferred compared to the conventional shopping since the online shopping is much more convenient. There are a lot of things such as the cash back, the massive variety of stuff, the brands, and more importantly, the access that everyone can have. You will never run out of any option in the online shop since it is compiled with so many merchants and smaller online shop that sales their wares in the platform. Therefore there are already thousand even millions of merchant out there selling different wares in the different platform. That is why the online shop is very active since they have a massive amount of wares, but they don’t need the enormous building to keep those wares inside. It is also very convenient for shopping via online as you need to swipe down your fingers and you can have the most significant goods that you want. There is a common saying nowadays to explain the addiction in shopping online, which says “once you go online, you will never return to offline”

But even the online shop has been improved and loved by the people; there is still quite some issue behind the online shop, which are:

  1. Data selling

When it comes to the big data, the online shop is the best place to gather it. The online shop has the pattern of shopping for every people that shop inside the platform, and therefore it would be straightforward to track them down and then sell the data to the highest bidder. This form of business has been denounced and resulted in the public outcry as it happens in the big social media company that has been sued due to illegal data selling. This practice needs to be stopped since it is very unethical and breach the people’s privacy. The platform needs to stop profiling their customer, tracking their shopping behavior and selling it to the outside party so that they can gain even more money.

  1. Misinformation and over claim

The goods that are existed In the online shop is various, and the only way you know how to determine the quality of the products is to read the description and to see the pictures. But words and pictures can be very deceiving, and therefore there are several merchants that merely over claim their products to attract more people into purchasing their wares. This fraud practice is what makes the online shop has a trust issue since the people cannot determine what kind of goods that are being sold, and what kind of quality that they have. As long as this practice continues, there will always be the public outcry that demands the online shop to be more trustworthy and reliable.

  1. Cashback withdrawal

This is what makes the online shop and the general shop different,  as the online shop offers the cash back that can be used in the further purchase. The cash back itself is the amount of money that can be accumulated by the people and can be used to purchase stuff. The idea of getting the reward for the shopping spree is too much to be resisted by the people nowadays, and therefore the online shop will always be favored compared to the conventional shop. But there is one slight problem concerning this mechanism, which is the withdrawal of the cash back is often takes a very long time and very time-consuming. The cash back is usually followed by several limiters such as the minimum amount of money being spent on a customer to get their cash back and so forth.

  1. Rigid transaction

In the dawn of the technological wonders, there are a lot of possibilities and the new way of life being introduced to the society. One of the greatest wonders of them is the banking services and the ATM transaction which enables the people to pay for their debt or transaction without even moving a step. But when it comes to the online shop, we want more than the ATM transaction as they are already obsolete and the world is ready for another solution, which is the online banking storage. The people want to have their money inside a particular online shop platform so that they don’t have to open their mobile app or walk manually to the ATM to pay for their transaction. This decentralized way of paying is being developed and will be soon out shortly.

The online shopping experience is lovely and simple, as you can have your stuff from the swipe of your fingers, and you can choose what kind of goods that you want with ease as you don’t need to stand and carry the goods for the hour. There is merely the online cart which will enable you to do some multi-transaction that can make you purchase multiple items at once. Those are the online shop for your, and that world will keep getting improved, with the introduction of the blockchain events.

For further information regarding the online shop overview, you can access it here.


Improving Your Online Shop Experience With Dealjoy

We understand that there is a lot of ways to improve the experience of online shopping with several solutions, and one of them using the blockchain system. The blockchain system itself is just very recently emerged and thus created new possibilities for the current ecosystem that already exists, whether to disrupt it or to make it even better. Dealjoy is the kind of platform that will make your online shopping experience gets better since it will make two of the most important features of the shop., which are the transaction and the cash back getting better as well. The cashback is the main reason why so many people favored the online shop nowadays, and the transaction will make the online shopping experience gets better since it can be faster. The transaction will be decentralized as the blockchain goes on, and therefore you can Imagine how convenient it is to have that blockchain system under your shopping spree behavior.

Several features are brought by the platform which will increase the experience of the online shoppers; there are several features of the platform dealjoy.

  1. No data selling

As we have mentioned above, the data selling is one of the most outrageous and heinous stuff that can be found in the big social media or online shop platform. But there is one optimization that will make your shopping experience better, which are the deal feed. The deal feeds work just similar to the tracking device, but the main difference is, the tracking device is used by the people and later will be sold to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, the deal feed is using the algorithm to be tracked by the platform so that the user will be shown the goods that they recently bought. It works just like the auto-suggestion in the google,  and you can neglect that entirely as you can search the new goods for you to buy. The deal feed is there to make sure that you already have the best products that you can have on the platform that you chooses.

  1. Instant and unrestrained cashback withdrawal

The cashback, as we have mentioned above is one of the most influential in the term of online shopping, as we can see it as the icon of the online shop itself. And we do have mentioned that the cashback mechanism has several restrictions that ultimately reduces the experience of the user so that it needs to be further optimized. The cashback mechanism in the dealjoy will be instant and without any minimum amount of purchase in the platform, unlike any other platform is. Removing the limiter for gaining the cashback will encourage the shopper to shop more and ultimately makes the ecosystem getting better.

  1. Multi-platform transaction

As we have mentioned above, the more platform is involved in the transaction, the better since the people can have the option in the term of the transaction itself. The case of dealjoy is slightly different as this platform will be able to store your money so that you don’t have to worry about going to ATM to conduct the transaction. You can easily store some money in the platform and later use the money to pay directly to the merchant that you choose to purchase the goods. This way, the transaction will be way more straightforward and faster, and it will further encourage the world and the ecosystem of the online shop.

  1. Dealshop

What is more rewarding for the user or the customer when applying this platform for their shopping behavior is the deal token. The dealership is one particular shop that is located on the platform that receives the usage of the token as the form of payment and making it more convenient for the user to pay for the goods.

For further information concerning the platform features, you can access the web pages below.


The ICO and deal token

The blockchain platform will always be followed by the token, and so do this dealjoy platform as they issued their token which is called by a deal token. The token will be worth compared to the ETH is, 40 thousand deal token per one ETH, even the value is not fixated as the time goes. The usage of the token will be for two things. For the first is the cashback that will be received by the user as they conduct the transaction inside the platform, and therefore the token can be used for more shopping spree in the deal shop.  You can accumulate your token safely in the wallet and then used when the times it comes. The second usage of the token is to upgrade your account into a premium account or to be called as dealjoy plus. The dealjoy plus will have a very distinct features which are different from the regular dealjoy account, which is the access that can be accessed, and the amount of the token received per cashback, the dealjoy premium will yield more token for the cashback, and the access for the platform to the dealjoy plus will be unrestricted. To put it just, it is very beneficial for the people to upgrade their account into the dealjoy plus.

And as for the token sale, there is three kind of sale that is recognized by the platform, which are the seed or the private sale, the pre-sale, and the latest is the public sale. But unfortunately, there is no information concerning their sale in either the website and the whitepaper as they launch the estimation for sale, which is at the end of 2018. The total token supply is about 1.4 billion token, where 70% or the 980 million token will be used for the sale, and the rest of the token will be distributed evenly to the several factors such as the developer team, the marketing team, board of advisors and so forth.  And as always, there is the vestment process where the token cannot be exchanged to the fiat currencies in the vestment period, which is ranging from 2 to 3 years.

For further information concerning the whitelist, the ICO, and the token usage, you can refer to these web pages.

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