Bob’s Repair—Home Repair with Advanced Blockchain Technology

Home repair is an activity which involves doing a diagnosis of a problem in a home and finding the best solution to resolve the problem. Sometimes, the solution can be found on our own by doing simple improvement, but the problem may be complicated or risky. That is when you need to find a better solution from professionals, such as a qualified handyman, a property manager or a contractor. A contractor will provide the material (goods) and the service to fix the existing problems in the house. These days, the arrangement or dealings between contractor and consumer can be done through an online platform which makes the transaction process easier and more transparent. However, some problems arise along with the advancement of technology.

As experienced home repair professionals, Bob’s Repair finds out that, in this era, the consumer has to face review fraud, hidden costs and lack of pricing transparency. Here is how Bob’s Repair explains the problems.

  • The Review Fraud

The bond between consumer and company is built upon trust. Then, customer’s trust can be obtained from online reviews. Review section on a company’s website is beneficial for a consumer to make the decision. However, due to review fraud, a consumer is loosening the bond. So, how does review fraud happen? The answer lays on the competition among home repair companies. Bob’s Repair specifically mentions, “Companies also artificially deflate the ratings of their competitors by purchasing fake negative reviews”. This practice gives bad results on companies that have good performance but become victims of competitors who want them to fall.

  • The Hidden Costs

The hidden costs come from the advertising fee. The fees are given to contractors by competitors. Then, the money that the contractors spend on advertising will be passed on to the customers. This practice affects the cost costumer must pay which is high prices.

  • The Lack of Pricing transparency

Transparency is the best policy. In-home repair business, transparency between contractors and consumers is very important in conducting a successful improvement in the house. A consumer has the right to the actual price of the service. If a service costs USD 150, then the customer must pay USD 150. A lack of transparency in this matter is a disadvantage for customers.

Bob’s Repair’s Best Solution

The best solution offered by Bob’s Repair is to defeat the review fraud by building the Bob application on STEEM blockchain. What is it? And how does it work? Well. STEEM blockchain is a technology used by Bob Application to fight review fraud. By using this technology, the application will store all the financial transactions safely. Then, after the transaction finish, both Bob’s Repair and the customer need to leave a review. After that, the application will place a link to connect the review with the stored transaction. By doing this, Bob’s Repair is fighting against review fraud, hidden costs and lack of transparency. The customer is guaranteed to have a better experience because they will see reviews from the real person and not fake.

To fight the problems and continue building a better future in the home repair business, Bob’s Repair has prepared a plan.

The foundation of the plan is to raise awareness to what must have been done, that is to create Bob application which can “solve review fraud, hidden advertising fees, and inflated costs” the application involves experts and professional blockchain and software engineers to develop the system. This plan is expected to give major benefit to contractors as the customers will put their trust back on the bond. Here is the strategy of Bob’s Repair’s plan:

  • Smart Contracts

An unhealthy contract usually protects only one party, but Bob’s Repair uses smart contracts to give protection to both the company and the customer. By doing so, there will not be any party who experiences disadvantage. The smart contracts can be seen through the payment method. In Bob’s Repair, the payment is put on hold in escrow until the milestones are completed.

  • Trust with Blockchain

The arch enemy of contractors is the fraudulent review because it confuses customers and misleads them. To decrease this possibility, Bob’s Repair and John McAfee develop a system which may be able to defeat review fraud forever by using blockchain technology. This system helps the customer see the actual, transparent transaction which has been linked to the reviews made by real customers. This practice is expected to give customer satisfaction.

  • Transparent Pricing

We all know that transparency is the best policy. That is why Bob’s Repair exposes the price of each job which has been done. This practice will help the customer sees the actual price of jobs offered by Bob’s Repair. No shade, no lie, it is all transparent and see-through. The customer can see the price of similar jobs which has been done previously for reference.

  • STEEM Blockchain

The STEEM Blockchain helps Bob’s Repair to cut off the transaction costs, enhance the ability to upvote and flag posts to improve the service given by the company.

  • Proven Track Record

Experience is the best teacher, as the old saying said; however, it is true! Bob’s Repair is composed of the Prandecki brothers who have done approximately 50,000 service calls which showered the company with USD 1,000,000. So, the Prandecki brothers are exceptional and more importantly, very experienced.

  • No Advertising Fee

The advertising fees are passed on to contractors by the competitors. Usually, the contractors will pass on the fees to customers. This charge creates high prices for customers. In Bob’s Repair, a customer will not be charged for advertising fees; they will be given lower prices.

Those are the plan Bob’s Repair carries out to today’s contractor-service system. Bob’s Repair wants to create transparency for both parties as a way to obtain customers’ trusts to acquire healthy revenue. To perfect the development of the system on Bob Application, Bob’s Repair raises a crowd funding ERC20 tokens called BOB Tokens. The funds can be accessed in here:

How Bob Application Works?

Bob application will use Escrow service process all the transaction between the customer and contractor. The service is composed of two main parts. First, Bob’s payment website and API that will work as the front end for both parties. The website has functioned as a storage medium for various documents including job agreement, reviews and many others that will be referenced from the Blockchain. Second is the smart contract for escrow that manages the flow of money. The contract will also store links and hashes for job agreements and reviews.

By using business logic, here are three main steps to describe how Bob Application works.

  1. Customer requests job and deposits their money

When the customer has decided the home repairing job that they want to request, he can open Escrow website. If the customer still doesn’t know the exact job, there is an assistant that will help him to explain every aspect of job process in the application. After finding the certain job, the customer needs to write job description completely that published on the website.

After that, the customer will get a list of contractors that have been chosen for suiting the requested job. In the list, the customer will also be presented with contractors’ price rates, ratings, and reviews from the previous customers. Then, the customer can choose up to 3 contractors from the list.

Right after being selected, the contractors will get notification regarding the job. They will review the requested job description. If they find the job is suitable, the contractors can send back a proposal containing the price, deadlines, and other terms about the job.

After reading the proposal, the customer can ask additional questions if he still needs further explanations. After a deal with the proposal, the customer and contractor can reach an agreement process. The agreement will be published on the Escrow website, so there won’t be any personal data or other sensitive information. The agreement will be published in the form of URL and SHA3 in the Blockchain. Only customer, contractor, and Escrow employees who are can access a stored detailed copy of the agreement.

After reaching an agreement, the customer can start to publish a transaction on Ethereum Blockchain from his wallet. The transactions will be stored on the Escrow contract that includes full payment and service fee for the job, Ethereum address of the contractor, deadline and payment for each milestone, and also an URL link and has of an agreement.

As a result, the application will publish a job contract or also called for the child-smart contract on the Blockchain. All the data of the transactions will be stored along with the contract. Then, the customer needs to transfer the payment as concluded in the agreement to the job-contract. After the customer deposits the money successfully, Escrow server will monitor the transaction then notified the contractor about the received payment to process the job.

  1. The contractor process the milestone, transfer payment to the worker or refund to the customer

During the job process, there might be three conditions about the milestone, worker’s payment, and refund. First, the milestone has been issued as complete before the deadline, and the customer has no claims regarding the works. Then, the customer requires publishing a transaction on Blockchain to a job contract to confirm that the milestone has been completed.  The contractor will also follow by publishing a transaction to claim their milestone payment. While processing the transaction, the job contract then will send the payment to the contractor. If the customer has no claims and ends the job as the last milestone completed, the Blockchain will publish an event to state that the job has been completed.

Second, the contractor has been issued completion of the milestone, but the customer has claimed or doesn’t agree with the result. To process this issue, the contractor should publish a transaction to a job-contract to request the Escrow team to clear the issue. The Escrow server will monitor the transaction on the Blockchain and notified the team about the risen problem. The team will check the previous agreed between both parties. The team will contact the customer and contractor to decide additional actions to determine whether the milestone is completed or not.

After deciding the actions, the team will publish a transaction to a job contract contain with the payment amount to send to customer and contractor also the decision whether the milestone has been completed or not.  The sum of two amounts should be equal to the payment that has been deposited to the current milestone or the whole amount left on the contract. Moreover, there are two possibilities about the decision. If the decision is true, it means that the milestone has considered complete then the contractor can start the next milestone. If the decision is false, it means the milestone has been considered failed and there will be no more work should be done by the contractor. The decision will affect the amount of money to be sent while processing the transaction. For example, if the decision is false, then an event will be published on the Blockchain that the job has been completed or failed.

Third, the customer thinks that the milestone hasn’t been completed and also the contractor hasn’t published a request to Escrow as in the previous condition before the required deadline. If after the deadline, the contractor hasn’t published a request then the costumer can claim a refund. The customer needs to publish a transaction to the job-contract with his claim so he can receive the rest of deposited money as a refund. While processing the transaction, all the money left on job-contract will be sent to the customer. Then, there will be an event published on the Blockchain stating that the job has failed.

  1. Publish a review

The last step, the customer needs to publish a review for the contractor regarding the requested job that has been completed or failed. Vice versa, the contractor also can write a review for the customer. After processing the review, it will be sent and published to the STEEM community for moderation. Both reviews from customer and contractor will be linked to the job-contract address and stored on the escrow website in the Blockchain.

Through those three main steps, Bob Application will help to create a more trustworthy platform for customers and contractors. When no more review fraud, hidden costs, and lack of transparency, then it means both parties will be able to gain maximum profit. Make sure you are following their official Twitter page at




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