CyberMiles: Getting Closer With The Newest Blockchain Technology

As the advance of technology and internet, now the online and virtual marketplace or even we called e-commerce is not a strange thing anymore. Everyone now moves to this thing to do a buy-and-sell activity to get the profit and to fulfill their needs. Most of the marketplace using something like a specific coin to support the digital transaction activity. This coin process under the centralized method and maintain the supply of coins, there should be a technology called blockchain. Cybermiles is the kind of blockchain technology itself which utilized the  platform called 5miles.

What is 5miles? 5miles is a platform for app and web-based found by Dr. Lucas Lu,.Ph.D which lead operator of C2C (consumer to consumer) marketplace. This is the first application which offers access to an excellent service, jobs, housing, and other various goods to provide you a good market experience. It can enable an ideal ecosystem between the buyers and the sellers in the virtual marketplace. This platform used to decentralize the virtual marketplace to provide a better efficiency and transparency towards the buyers and the sellers. For further information about 5miles, you can only click this link And here, 5miles try to introduce Cybermiles Tokens to solve the problem of centralization of the transaction coin. But Cybermiles issue is not that simple to understand. Now, let’s just get to know further about Cybermiles.

What Is CyberMiles?

Cybermiles is a protocol created by Scientist chef, Dr. Michael Yuan who has a Ph.D degree in Astrophysics. He is also master and expert in mobile software. As it mentioned, Cybermiles is a kind of blockchain technology which first handled by 5miles. But now, Cybermiles is starting to be developed by the new platform which has better performance rather than the 5miles. This platform named 5xlab. The existence of Cybermiles is aimed to improve the quality of virtual marketplace process and also the commerce work. This blockchain is the protocol which looks like an actual application as 5miles. This blockchain technology also aimed to make a decentralization system for the virtual marketplace which runs by 5miles.

Cybermiles focus on commercial applications which utilize the local sell and buy marketplace, e-commerce, and another online action. Cybermiles can provide you a peer-to-peer virtual marketplace shopping with a digital transaction between the seller or the businesses and the consumers. This protocol also facilitates the execution of the smart contracts by supporting the cryptocurrencies. This contract of smart business can provide you the more simple, transparent, and efficient transaction process. It is because this protocol also gives its attention to the excellent balance of vertical effectiveness and the compatibility of the network. Not only that, but Cybermiles blockchain also record and encrypt the user transaction and credit history, reputation, and up to the user identity. And don’t worry because, with this advanced technology, it will be more safe and comfortable for the user itself. Just check it out here .

So, you have known about why Cybermiles should exist. And now, you as the consumer or the seller can sell and buy all kinds of product confidently as you do in a specific online marketplace like Amazon or even Walmart. If you are a seller, then Cybermiles will give you a chance to make your marketplace and communities according to what you desire and with the democratic and transparent way. It also enables a wide capacity of business applications with your partners. By this Cybermiles Token or we can call it CMT, 5miles will provide digital couponing, advertising, loaning, incentives, and also digital purchasing which more give you an easy way to experience the marketplace. We can conclude that this protocol is much better if we compared with Ethereum.


Take a look at Cybermiles Features

As the high rival of Ethereum; we can see several features here which makes it better than another protocol include the Ethereum itself. Cybermiles features these superior things such as :

  • Cybermiles features Proof of Stake or PoS technology which support business transaction up to tens of thousands per seconds (10,000 TPS). Compared with Etherium that only support ten business transaction per second (10 TPS).
  • Cybermiles can help to store up and transfer the record of user’s identity, credit and purchasing history or another financial transaction, and log into Cybermiles Blockchain Protocol. Means that user privacy will be granted with a good security like this.
  • CMT or Cybermiles Token provides decentralization system of e-commerce and marketplace by their XRP settlement like Ripple. Ripple supports significant financial institution transaction, while cyber miles supports the transactions on a small scale like hand-to-hand parties or peer-to-peer.
  • Cybermiles is going to give profits or bonuses for the user who is being an initiative and responsive participant because it shows to them that those users try to give their extensive participation.
  • Cybermiles Token (CMT) by Cybermiles is using the similar method with Etherium protocol which is ICO (Initial Coin Offering). ICO method which can give the user fast, comfortable, and a time-saving way in experiencing this marketplace.

Knowing About Cybermiles Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Now that it already mentioned, you may ask about Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on Cybermiles. What is Cybermiles ICO? ICO or Initial Coin offering also knowing as token or crowd sale is a kind of funding system which is unsupervised in the use of cryptocurrencies. There is a legal tender which exchanged in place of new cryptocurrencies by the investor. Besides, these legal tenders can also replace with another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin in Ethereum. In ICO, the coins are representing the symbol of entitlement and ownership of an enterprise and these things can be sold to a kind of project. In another word, ICO consist of people who have high interest in investing and owning a project. Here, the supporters of ICO are expecting a return based on the prospect they see. In another side, there is IPO which stands for Initial Public Offerings which is the opposite of ICO. IPO consists of the investors who are presenting their ownership of a specific organization. It is different with ICO because IPO based on how people within IPO can make donations.

Several characteristics that should know about ICO is that, even if the supporter inside the ICO owning or investing the tokens but nothing can guarantee them to vote on the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). And to minimize the miss understanding, we also should know that token and coin are a different thing. Coin of ICO shows the general participation on economic thing in ICO.

Find Out The Reason Why You Should Join Cybermiles

Then, after knowing about the Cybermiles and also ICO, have you consider should you join Cybermiles protocol or should you stand on another cryptocurrency like Etherium? The answer goes to Cybermiles protocol because as you can see the advantages provided by Cybermiles itself. Still not sure about that? Then see the reason here why you should join Cybermiles.

  1. As it recently mentioned that Cybermiles with its advanced technology could encourage buyers and sellers to do sell-and-buy activity confidently. This technology also makes the cybermiles become more trusted as another great marketplace such as Amazon, etc. No more worry to join this protocol.
  2. Cybermiles has Cybermiles Token (CMT) as its payment mode which has a control function to protect its whole networking system. The Cybermiles Tokes also powered the system, and this thing is acceptable in almost all the application so that it can be used efficiently by the users.
  3. Another thing that makes Cybermiles better than another cryptocurrency is that Cybermiles proved as an experienced group in e-commerce sector for more that twelves years. It has been succeeded to execute and develop the answer to any problems of commercial applications.
  4. If you still asking what the proof that Cybermiles is trusted is, you can see here that this protocol has more than 12 million of users from the very first time it released.
  5. Cybermiles has their cool feature which is token or master bonus for ensuring another platform operated within blockchain system.

After all, Cybermiles is like a kind of superior protocol which is not only a needed of people, but it is a must thing you should join if you want to do such kind of sell-and-buy in a trusted and safe marketplace. This is also proof to you that the advance of technology is going to make your life easier and easier but still secure to be used. But still, how Cybermiles can easily change the current e-commerce marketplace. Is it just because of the advantage of its technology and safety system? But how significant it is?

Here is the significant thing about Cybermiles that can change the latest e-commerce marketplace. First of all, Cybermiles as the mobile applications adopt the modern of technology. For the buyer, they don’t need to go to the seller place anymore just to get what they are going to buy. A mobile application is a solution to solve this inefficient way of buying. It can make the buyers shop efficiently in a virtual way, yet the delivery of the goods still possible. There will be a physical contact between the seller and the buyer during delivery, but it also can be cover by using shipping system.

Besides, this mobile application features many options which suit the buyer’s interest or taste. It can create a good and longlasting relationship and also an understanding between the seller and the buyer without any contact. Second, cyber miles offers a place to open a small business. It will be a boom of the small business because it is believed to give a promising future towards the user. It will be the important choice for you who are considering to have an e-commerce marketing. And those advantages should not surprise us anymore if the blockchain system technology is going to shake the e-commerce world.

Millions of transactions, businesses, and contracts have created every day, and this blockchain system technology has been regularized by many different organizations to control the financial system. For example, Cybermiles which its blockchain technology can transform its economic system and also ensure transaction privacy and safety. And in several countries, this blockchain is helpful to prevent the counterfeit products risk. Another benefit of Cybermiles blockchain technology is that it can bring a smaller unit like promoting an extensive public market method and peer-to-peer parties together, and this concept has proven as an efficient system by 5miles. And now, 5miles introduced the new invention of 5xlab which is a blockchain lab that has better technology than the latest technology. It is offering a more stable digital system of networking. This also improves and supports cryptocurrencies and smart business contracts to make a better market shopping and networking.

Cybermiles can change the current e-commerce marketplace because it admitted that as an essential technology on how a transaction is made. Not only admitted as an important thing for today, but Cybermiles also knew for its uniqueness, credibility, efficiency on managing the marketplace system, and also transparency while recording the transaction history of the seller and buyer. This also helps to prevent and decrease the human error while managing this system. And as it created for business and market applications, cyber miles also called an “fat protocol” which consist of blockchain virtual machine.

This virtual machine supports the decentralized system that conducted by the smart contract on cyber miles itself or in another word; it shows that Cybermiles help to support cryptocurrencies in order facilitating and implementing the smart agreements across 5miles categories. It optimizes the balance between compatibility and efficiency of the system and because of this balancing, Cybermiles is going to be preference infrastructure of blockchain technology for commercial applications compared with another real-world platform such as Uber or even eBay.

And in the end, as we know that in Cybermiles, the buyer can use the Cybermiles Token (CMT) as their payment system via cryptocurrency. Hopefully, with all of the advantages which Cybermiles has, and with the development of the technology recently, Cybermiles can develop the online marketplace and also improve the e-commerce to be available more than just in 5miles and now, the heavenly marketplace is in your hand! Happy shopping and selling everyone!

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