Perfect Spyware and Virus Protection for your PC and Mobile

Spyware and virus are two dangerous things for your PC and Mobile which both of them can be disappeared by installing spyware and virus protection on your PC and Mobile. Do you know what are Virus and Spyware? Virus is malware program that reproduces and infects your computer or mobile phone. On the other hand, spyware is not like virus but it is not usually self-replicate. It usually has an aim for advertising.

Another recent threat is the Ransomware virus, if you’re asking yourself what is ransomware it’s basically a virus that encrypts your files until you pay a ransom fee to the attacker.

There is some antivirus software that can be installed perfectly to protect your computer from virus infection.  First, Microsoft Security Essential, that has real-time protection for your computer in the house. It guards your computer from virus and spyware. Second, AVAST which has anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and strong self-protection. It is as best spyware and virus protection. Third, AVG which protects your computer from virus infect automatically. It also provides timely virus database update.

In addition, if you like browse some data from internet it is better to use Sandboxie. It can create secure partition on your PC to safer web browsing. On the other hand, your mobile phone can be also infected by virus if you do not install antivirus. There is freemium service for android and iOS called MyLookout. By installing this application your mobile or smart phone will be protected better. It can work perfectly on your smartphone so it will increase your smartphone performance.

Scareware removal tools can be used perfectly if your computer or smartphone already infected by viruses. You can install Malwarebytes, SUPERantispyware, Spybot-search & destroy, and Ad-Aware. Actually all of them can remove virus and spyware maximally from your computer and smartphone. Finally to remove virus by online help you can visit All software above are as best antivirus 2017 that can be used maximally to keep your computer and mobile performance maximally.


Watchout! Your Smartphone Is Three Times Riskier Attacked By Cyber Criminal

In the era of digital, or most of people call it cyber era, the criminality spread into every space of human life. Not only happen in the real life, the criminal also touch in cyber life. They usually hack your account to steal your privacy, such as data, PIN, and even money. So, you must be careful for this side of crime. These are the hackers can do to your smartphone and why they do it.

  1. Your Phone stores such information even the owner’s privacy

It must be done by every smartphone’s user that they save a lot of privacy in their smartphone such as videos, messages, pictures, and some valuable data. It can attract the interest of cyber criminal. You should be aware about this one.

  1. Autofill is actually unsecure

Everyone almost has same opinion about the autofill feature run in your device. It simplify and do as ‘shortcut’ when you want to login into the account. It is annoying enough if you must enter password whenever you want to logon into account. But, actually it is more secure rather than you use autofill feature. Hackers usually track your password by that feature. So, just be rethinking that.

  1. Phone is Virtual Money

It is true that virtual wallet and online transaction was very helpful enough for everyone life. They don’t need to bring cash to buy something and they can buy something by very easy way. But, the virtual ‘bank’ is usually insecure if you don’t keep it safely. Some applications provided by companies, such Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay, are attracting hackers to steal your transaction.

  1. GPS let ‘they’ know where you are

Location service is always included in smart devices. It helps the users to get easier when using certain applications, like map. But, you must be careful about this one. If hackers know where you are, they can use it to do some illegal activity that may harm you.

  1. Your Smartphone could be a spam tool

Hackers work like intelligent. They work without noise and not much people know. They can also attack your device and make it as spam tool. Once your Android or iPhone start delivering emails, texts, or making call that you never ask, it means your phone has been hacked.

You should know the way to prevent that bad thing come to you. So, you will be more careful to use smartphone.


No Restart after Windows Update will Be Included in Update of Windows 10

Have you ever be frustrated when you do automatic Windows update and after that you must restart your computer to reuse it? It was happened to everyone, especially when they are doing something important like public presentation. I think the Microsoft side has heard our discomfort. In new update on Windows 10 that will be available in this March or April, Windows will eliminate the ‘restart feature’ when you have finished the update. It must be a major effect for a minor change.

All series of Windows, before Windows 10, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 require restart when the update has finish. It makes us discomfort especially when we are in rush of time to finish a work. According to the Windows blog, the update will came in this March or lately in April. They call for their new update with the name of “the creator update”. In the future, once you finish the update, the computer doesn’t need to be restarted. It means you can use your computer normally like before the update installed.

Microsoft will give three options before you do update that you must choose. Those three options are as follows “Restart now”, “Pick a time”, and “snooze”. The first option, “restart now”, means you will directly do the restart update. It is ideally done when you are in spare time. The Windows will deliver the update as soon as followed with restart and the update will be installing.

The second option is “pick a time”. This option let you choose what time you will restart the computer. I mean you can rule the time. This option is perfect to do when you are working with the computer and need some times to finish it. So, the update will run after your finish your work. The third or the last option is “Snooze”. It is more likely the “pick a time” option. The different is the time has been decided by Windows for up to three days. By this option you can delay the restart update until three days.

By this new feature in Windows 10 update, there is no more “sudden restart” when you want to update Windows. Unfortunately, this feature is only for Windows 10 users. If you are the users of previous Windows edition, you will not get that feature. So, for you that use Windows 10, prepare yourself to get new update from Window.